Friday, September 11, 2015

Open Your Tired Eyes Beautiful!

Well hello there!  Are we in the twilight zone? Is Rachel claiming to do this again?!?  Yep, I am.  I never claimed to be perfect or have my shit together all the time, but I am baaaaack!  I have struggled with this spot on the internet for a couple years now.  Why?

  1. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME.  As y'all know I am a working mother of three kiddos with very full schedules. When I get home at night and have everything laid out for the next day, all I want to do is eat ice, watch SYTYCD or the Voice, and talk to my husband in peace.  Even thinking about getting out my computer and working on this blog, made me hate it.  
  2. I have failed y'all a couple times.  So this will be my third freaking time to try this. THIRD!  I wouldn't take me genuinely, much less want to listen to any ramblings.  Not that I am important, but we like friends we can count on. 
  3. I still have my own body issues that creep up.  I LOVE to preach to y'all about how YOU should feel about yourselves, and nine times out of ten, I will listen to myself as well.  But that tenth time is usually when I start thinking about Suburban Strut. And let's be real - there are haters out there. Many in my own backyard.  It is out of my comfort zone to lay it all out here some times...  
So here is the deal.  No matter how hard I try to look at this as a "hobby" once in my life, the Lord shows me over and over again that I need to be doing it. It is more than a hobby, it is my "calling" if you will - or my ministry. I have to realize that it is not God telling me I don't have enough time, or making me insecure of what y'all will think of me - it's that asshole, the devil.  And I have to shut his mouth and start looking up.

Suburban Strut is me.  It is my time to do something for other people and really for myself.  I think so many of us become "our kids' mamas".  Now, don't get me wrong, my priorities lie with being Shane's wife and Claire, Owen, and Bree's mama.  But I am also my Father's daughter. And I am Rachel Lynn Brown.  I am my own person and I deserve time for me and a time to make myself better. I did that with Suburban Strut.  

Suburban Strut is so much more than fashion tips and beauty tricks.  I know y'all knew that, but, that was a big part of it. And I want it to go hand in hand.  My goal here is encourage y'all to take care of yourselves, make yourself feel better with a cute outfit or easy make up ideas, but also to see just how beautiful you were made - JUST AS YOU ARE.  Enough with the body shaming.  Enough with "if I only could lose 10 more lbs..."!  Enough with "I wish I looked like..."!  We need to love ourselves today.  And love this girl TODAY.  You should be constantly be working to make HER better, but right now, she is all you got.  Why waste another day wishing her away? We honestly may not have another day.

Take that time for YOU.  Take the time to pray for yourself.  When was the last time you did something for yourself? When was the last time you spent some of your budget dollars on a cute outfit for you rather than your babies?  When was the last time, you got your nails done with your girlfriends or alone?  Or when was the last time you looked in the mirror and saw your beautiful face?

We NEED these kinds of things.  In the end, we are better wives and mothers when we are unapologetically ourselves and LOVE her.  When we allow time for ourselves or at least take a few extra minutes for ourselves, we are a better version of us.  A better version of us- or our authentic selves - is what we want our kids to remember! It is who our husbands fell in love with! This goes for all you single ladies too - when you are yourself, the man attracted to you then will be the one that you want!!!  I say this all the time, when mama is happy - it translates across the whole home.  We are better women when we feel beautiful and are confident in ourselves in all aspects of our life - that is how HE wants us.  

So I say all this to say this: I am going to do Suburban Strut for ME. My time to connect with women, build you up, and help a sister out.  Will you follow along and do this for yourself? Will you take a few extra moments to take care of yourself? Will YOU bring YOU back?!?!  The best part?  This ends up being nothing about is all about glorifying HIM. When we take care of ourselves and are happier - we are better children for Him... and we better raise our little soldiers for Him.  Trust me - we do this together and we pray constantly - we are all going to see all kinds of good things happening.  

Time to open your tired eyes beautiful and see what I see - a beautiful woman that deserves all the happiness in the world - a crowd of people ready to cheer her on!! 

Love y'all!! Here we go......I am doing it for them - who are you doing it for?  Feel free to post on insta and hash it #theydeserveME



  1. I am SOOO SOOO excited you are back!!! I can't wait to read your posts again!!!!!

  2. I love your posts! So excited that you are back!

  3. I love this!! You are so real and I admire you for that..LOVE the statement "Love this girl today, she is all you got!" That is so true and I think as women we tend to forget about ourselves while we are caring for our loved ones. So glad you are starting this up again!!!

  4. Thank you for putting it out there! I need to love myself, no matter what!!!

  5. I am SO HAPPY to see your name pop up in my your encouragement, passion, and heart for Jesus and His calling for your life. I can't wait to follow along!

  6. I am so excited to see you back mama! What an encouragement you are to others. Your love for Jesus, your family and your passion to encourage other women is amazing! Thank you for being such a blessing to my life. So glad to see you back!!

  7. are back!! Finally :)


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