Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Transition like a BOSS

So I am no fashion expert. I am honestly just a curvy mama that knows what she likes and hides what I like to be hid :).  One thing that I am a firm believer in is that when something works, girl wear it and buy it in every color!  Buy yourself things that you love and you know you will wear.  The key for me is having things in my closet that are token pieces, Things that I know that I can throw on with almost anything and look great.  We have to prepare ourselves for success - if we only have things in our closet that are two sizes too small because we are punishing ourselves for the weight gain? Well guess what? You are going to be freaking pissed every morning.  Because Lord knows that it is going to take way longer for that weight to come off when we are just holding out until we are ready.  Quit punishing yourself and spend a little money on a few things that you can wear now that is not a mumu or yoga pants.  Pieces that can take you from "oh shit we slept in!" to "I am killing it today, no one has any idea I woke up 15 minutes ago!"

There are two things I  have been wearing so much and that are especially great for the Fall transition right now and y'all need to check out for your closet...

Army Green Cargo Jacket!  I bought one last year from F21 that I still love and were a couple times a week probably. I love it because it goes with everything, black or brown, and I bought it long enough to cover me up and make me look put together when I am really not :).  Look for one with a way to cinch in around the waist with a drawstring - much more flattering that way.  Mine is pretty light weight so I wear it all day some days at work. But it is also warm enough to wear on cool nights. Wear it with everything from jeans, to leggings to over a dress or romper.  Here are some examples and the - mine is probably considered a parka so it it long :). Make sure and click on that arrow to the right too for more :)

Secondly - I am in LOVE with this cardigan!!! I have worn it probably twice a week since I got it. It is crocheted so it is not hot, but still a little warmth to it.  It is long so it makes everything look a little more chic, if you will.  I get tons of compliments on it and I know yall love it because you always ask about it on instagram :).  It is a tan/camel color and that is my favorite color to wear. It goes with EVERYTHING and looks good on everyone.  I have thrown this over everything from a cute vneck to a dress.  You will love it too.  Mine is from F21+ and it is linked below :)

So what are you waiting for (besides payday :) ) - go now, shop a little for YOU!!  Holler if you have any trouble finding and let me know if you get anything :)


  1. I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I love that jacket! I'll most defiantly be picking one up come pay day :)

  2. just bought myself a military jacket as my birthday gift. glad you are back to blogging.


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