Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey friends! Hope this week is treating you well!  I honestly think it is dragging, I thought it was Wednesday...wrong-o!  Anyways - I want to run something past y'all and hear your thoughts...

I know y'all read my post "Glow" and understand why I am so passionate about Suburban Strut.  I am so very passionate about this being a new status quo and changing the way women feel towards themselves AND other women. We need to change things ladies!! We need to raise a new generation of strong, confident girls that are ready to conquer anything...and feel absolutely beautiful doing it.  You want to know the way to do that? It's time to really "Glow" friends...its time to set the example and literally let our light shine so bright that others can't help but look and want to be just like you. The kicker? You are going to have to get over those demons. Shut the b.... up inside you that tells you that you are not good enough. Tell her to kick rocks when she says you can't wear that or you are not skinny enough or pretty enough.  It's time to take control of our selves - look to the Lord for help with our confidence - and strut it for everyone to see. I know y'all want to do it because I read your emails and they make me cry. Y'all have welcomed this blog with open arms and that makes this mama happy.  So let's really do this. I want to make Suburban Strut bigger but for the right reasons. I want other woman, our friends, to see this and want to be a part of it too!!  So, I am starting...


What is that? Well that is a hash tag and I want all of us to start using it, at least once a week! Are you on instagram? (You totally should be, if not!) At least once a week, let's post a picture of us with #suburbanstrutglow.  It could be a pic of you feeling great in your outfit...it could be a pic documenting the only time you dressed up all week...it could be a time that you felt great in your clothes and wanted to share...it could be posting a new lipstick you are wearing...it could be of you and your kids, showing how happy you are...it could be a pic of the first time you are wearing a specific item that has been out of your comfort zone....it could be of something SS inspired you to wear or try...it could be anything! I just want to be a picture of YOU GLOWING and wanting to spread the #suburbanstrutglow!  I want it to be happy. I want it to be you feeling great and not apologizing for a selfie :).  No apologies for confidence and happiness in yourself.  NONE.  Let's do this so other women see it and ask "What is this #suburbanstrutglow and how do I get on this train?".  Would it not be awesome if we could grow this so much that so many other women are feeling better about themselves just because you posted a pic of you smiling, glowing, all because you liked your outfit that day? Guess what? That is how I feel everyday with y'all and your sweet comments and let me tell ya.  IT IS AWESOME!  I was so nervous to put myself out here, but your comments and emails make it all worth it. I had to take the step too and if I can do it, you totally can. I can tell you now. This world needs more confident women. Our baby girls need more confident women.

So, does this make you nervous? I bet you are already saying "I am not going to do this one, Rachel you are crazy".  Don't let her stop you.  Her being that chick inside that also tells you that you are too old/fat for booties or skinny jeans. She does not know ANYTHING.  Pray about it.  What if you made ONE of your friends have the confidence to do the same thing? To me, that is all worth it.

So are y'all in?!? I really hope so!!!  I will be checking the hash tag daily and looking at every picture, pinky swear (if you are private, let me know you did it!). At least once a month, I will be featuring my favorite #suburbanstrutglow pics on instagram and posting here too.  I will also be giving way fun presents along the way for some of my favorites :)

I have a major conviction with all of this and I want to grow this to help as many women and girls as possible. The only way I can is with y'all. In the words of Tone Loc, Lezzz do it!


  1. I LOVE this idea...you're an inspiration, my friend. I can't wait to see the confidence that comes from this!

  2. Can't wait to do this! Let's encourage each other, ladies!


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