Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Suburban Strut Holiday Glow!

Starting tonight, I am so excited to start a new series on Suburban Strut!!

 If you were to look at my email (you would probably get on to me for how many I have not responded to...sorry!), you would see a common type of email I receive...."I need help planning an outfit for _____ event!" or "Rachel - do you have any ideas of what I should wear for ____?" or "I want to look really great at ____ but I just cant figure out what to wear, can you help?!".  I love those emails, I really do.  Putting together outfits and shopping are pretty much my most favorite hobbies - so helping y'all do it, makes me happy!  But all these emails gave me an idea for a fun new series here on the blog....

Oct 1st - Dec 31st - I will be posting "Suburban Strut Holiday Glow" posts!!  I will be posting tons of outfit ideas for all the fun Fall and Christmas events that we have coming up!  I will probably post what I plan to wear to these events ahead of time too!  Mainly, I just want to help y'all to worry about one less thing during the holidays so you can GLOW more to your family and friends!!

I know how stressful the holiday season can be, and I KNOW that so many of us put OURSELVES on the back burner.  So let's get ahead and plan for us now!  My biggest advice to enjoy the holidays as a woman and to ensure that you look great and not dodging pictures is plan outfits ahead!  I literally write down every event that I know is coming up for the holidays, starting in October. I then start planning what I think I want to wear, what I need to buy, and put big questions marks in for where I have no idea what to wear ( I do the same for the kids, but I know most of y'all already put all your efforts towards your kids, so let's leave the nuggets out of this :) ).  Then I start looking at blogs, pinterest, my favorite clothing stores and boutiques for ideas.  Since I love this process and am on a mission to help all my fellow lovely ladies - I decided to do all this here!!!

First I will start with the Fall events  - Pumpkin Patch, School parties and field trips, Homecoming and Football games, Kids games, school programs, Bonfires, Thanksgiving, Fall Date Nights and Girl's Nights, Halloween parties....and probably tons more.  And yes, a full post on Fall pictures! I will hopefully post multiple outfit ideas for each example over this first month - hopefully inspiring y'all to look great, be in the moment, have so much fun, take pictures, and GLOW!

So I asked on Instagram and got tons of great examples of events y'all are planning for - so thank you!! Now feel free to comment here with more examples - keep them coming!!!

Kicking off tonight with an easy outfit that I think would be great for a trip to the pumpkin patch in the warmer temps, or a Girl's Night these Fall evenings.  I am wearing distressed jeans so I know some of you may not feel comfortable wearing those some places, and I agree. And that hole in my knew is OOC!  I may or may not have put my foot through it :).  This is just an easy one that I felt comfortable in and put together - that is the goal right!!  Also, you can never go wrong with a monogrammed vneck!!!  Don't be scared of the fedora...as promised, I am working on a head gear post...coming soon. If you are wanting to wear the button down shirt trend, but having a hard time getting one that fits over the...ahem...girls, this is a great way to try it.  You can just wear it layered over another top.  This is perfect for when it is October, but still over 80 degrees. You are layered like you want to be for the Fall event, but it is just a thin cotton button down. Perfect.

Jeans - F21+ - similar and similar| vneck - Threads Inc (link to instagram) | Button down - Old Navy - similar and similar | Necklace - Impressions | Fedora - Savoir Faire | Booties - Toms

Please let me know what y'all think about the new series and don't forget to comment with events that you are looking for me to post!!  I will tag all the posts on Instagram with #ssholidayglow!

Thank you for stopping by - love y'all to the moon and back for listening to my rambling and loving me for it (insert kissy face emoji) MUAH!!

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