Thursday, September 25, 2014

Peek at my Shopping List...otherwise known as Rachel's OOTDs

Hey friends!!  What what?!?!? It's Friday!!  Okay it's actually late Thursday night when I am typing this. And full disclosure, I am in bed with the cutest 5 year old I know asking me a million questions about "Burban Strut".  I kind of love this :).

So first of all - yall have been so sweet to me on Instagram - THANK YOU so much for all the sweet comments and y'all have no idea how much they mean to me. I am still getting used to posting pics of ME everyday and I am not sure it will ever be easy, but having such a supportive group of lovely ladies behind me, well it's the only way I can do it.  Also, #suburbanstrutglow was me totally going out of my comfort zone, but I knew y'all would love it. Thank you for supporting it and I hope it makes a difference in at least one woman. I know it will.  Let me clear about something - I am not doing this for the attention or for "insta-fame" or free clothes.  I am doing this because the Lord is asking me to do it.  I am doing it because this is my thing - this is what I am supposed to be doing.  I am doing it because I just want to help at least a few women feel better and change the lives in the people around them because of it.  I also do it because is also fun :).  Thanks y'all.  You are the freaking best :).

Let's talk all the outfits this week, shall we?

ME: Camo Jacket - Old Navy | Vneck - Old Navy | Cutoffs - F21+| Beanie - Savoir Faire | Necklace - Savoir Faire | Converse - Crystal Faye
Claire - Vest - Gianni Bini Dillards - similar

Saturday night we had a chili and s'mores party at my mom's with the family. The Hogs were also playing so we had to get our red on too :).  I am kind of loving the camo trend. Funny story - Owen saw me and Claire wearing these jackets and he was completely confused.  He asked me "Why are you and Claire dressed to go hunting?" I told them that this was the style and that we are not going hunting. He did not believe me and asked if we got them at Academy :) - we about died!  Anyway - it was an easy outfit and so comfy.  Also - don't let beanies scare you. Next week there will be a post all about why you should embrace headwear - it will be good :).

Top - c/o Impressions Curve | Jeans - Old Navy| Boots- similar| Necklaces - similar

I LOVE this top! It is a curvy top from Impressions. You have to call to order - and when you do - tell them Rachel said to get it all online :).  I liked it because it was loose, but really slimming. It is kind of simple too, but I got tons of compliments. And that back? The icing on the cake.  Also - if you are looking for tall boots - you need a light brown pair.  They are so versatile...and you guessed it - post coming soon about that :).

Top - F21+ | Cardigan - Asos Curve | Jeans - Old Navy, similar | shoes - similar | Necklace - Baublebar

This was my favorite outfit of the week!  I triple puffy heart love plaid lately and I was giddy to wear this F21 top.  If you get the top, I would size up - it might be too short.  Also this cardi was a little smaller than I expected - and elbow patches??? Insert emoji with heart eyes - LOVE THEM!

Cardi - Haley Boutique | tunic - Zulily | Leggings - F21+ | Necklace - Savoir Faire | Headwrap - Savoir Faire

This day, I woke up exhausted and not feeling 100%.  I knew I could not go to work in pjs like I wanted, so I wore an outfit that felt like it.  You should own comfortable clothes. Listen to Rachel. Don't overlook leggings and soft tunics.  The days where you feel like shiz don't deserve to be a ratty tshirt day.  Because I was comfortable all day, I ended up feeling better because I did not look bad.  That may sound silly, but I think it is a big deal.  Zulily always has comfy plus size tunics that are super cheap - check them out!! Also - that leopard head wrap may be the single best thing I have ever bought!  We will talk about these next week - but if you see a leopard one, grab it!

Top - Haley Boutique | Jeans - old Gap| booties - similar | necklace - similar | sunnies - F21

I found another boutique here in NWA that started carrying Curve items!! Holla!!  They are going to put them online soon as well.  This outfit was a pretty one and I LOVE that top. It will be worn year round - I think it would be cute with a cardi over it too.

I will be off Friday with the three monkeys because they are out of school early!! Have a great weekend and don't forget to #suburbanstrutglow!!  Love y'all!!! XOXOXO


  1. Yay for a post on head wraps! Any tips on how to keep them on- mine always start sliding off!

  2. Just wondering how you find the Curve items on Impressions' website--I tried searching Curve with no luck. Thanks for all these great outfit ideas!


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