Friday, September 5, 2014

Peek at My Shopping List...

Hot diggety dog! It's FRIDAY!!!!  For a short week, this one was still long.  Looking forward to a weekend of much as a mother of three can relax :).

It's Friday, so it's "Peek at My Shopping List" post time!! Last week, I posted quite a few fabulous Fall items...and I ordered quite a bit of it it too just as I figured I would :). I was so excited when it all started rolling in this week and pretty much immediately wore some of the new fun pieces. So I thought this week we would talk about my goodies!!  Here are my outfits this week and you can see how great a few of the items I posted turned out being...

 So I did not post this shirt/dress last week. We were shopping in Gap for Shane some pants on Sunday because they were having a 40% off Labor Day Sale. I shopped the ladies section (sometimes XL works) and found this awesome denim shirt/dress. It is long enough to button and wear as a dress, but it was a little short for me to do that. I loved it with leggings and I KNOW I will wear this quite a bit.  I envision it as a great airport outfit.  It is pricey but they are always running deals on their site and in store. It rained all that morning so I wore my Hunters.  I have the Huntress style that is a wider calf (that is what I linked above and below).  These do run big.  Real life - both of the buckles are busted on my boots - thanks to a certain little girl that I cannot keep out of them as she likes to stop around the house in mama's rain boots :).

Leopard Raglan Top - Asos - Curve and Regular | Bauble Bar Courtney Bib Necklace | Old Navy Skinny Jeans - Plus | Booties -old, similar

I knew that I had to have this leopard raglan top when I saw it on Asos Curve!! And guess what? It is pretty much exactly how I dreamed it to be. I got one size up so it would be long and loose and I am so glad I did!! I cannot even tell you how many people stopped me and asked where I got it!! The good news for your smaller girls - I linked the normal sized one too above! YAY!  This necklace is my favorite right now. I bought this as a slight splurge for Vegas and I have worn it so many time since.  A big gold necklace (it comes in silver too) is always a good idea.  I mean look, I took a baseball top and made it fabulous!!

Tan Crochet Detail Top - local boutique, Logo N Stitch (look them up on Instagram and Facebook!) | Old Navy Skinny Jeans - Regular Flirt | Necklace - local boutique - similar | booties - Betsy Johnson, similar

I loved this outfit. It was flowy and easy to wear. The top was so breezy, I did not even get hot!!  The best things to wear right now during transition is short sleeved, Fall colored shirts that won't make you sweat like you are under trial.:)

My Old Navy shipment got here last night and I could not wait to see if this shirt was what I hoped - and yay! I love it!! It is well fitted and different than the usual denim shirt.  My girls at work are both ordering immediately once they saw me in it. I wore it with black skinnies (cheap from F21 - like $10!) and booties (From Target!) - I think this is my favorite outfit this week!!!  And good news - I included a regular sized link as well for the top...

So that was this week!!  I am going to cool it on the shopping this week as I am still waiting on a few more shipments - what are y'all looking for? Let me know and I will help a sister out!! 

Have a great weekend beautiful!!  Smile and smell the pumpkin spice - can we officially say "Happy Fall Y'all!!" ?!?!?


  1. Can you give us bootie challenged people some tips on how to wear them. I've got a couple of pairs but I never feel right wearing them. Do you roll your pants, do you stick them down in the shoe, how much leg should show, etc. I think I've got too much gap between the bootie and my ankle maybe? I feel absolutely ridiculous in them, but they look so good on you!

  2. Oh yea agree with previous poster ! U look hot in them! Me I look weird . But I'm trying new things this season so this will be one !

  3. Love your blog! You've got great fashion advice! Can you give us some advice on how to afford it all? I've got a family of 5 as well and would love to hear how to budget so we can all look stylish while still having money left over for retirement ;)

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I need help styling booties too! I want to wear them but I feel silly in them!


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