Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Old Navy Online Sale!!!

Another post in less than 24 hours means one thing!!!! SALE!!!!!  Old Navy is having an online sale that ends today - 30% off and FREE 2 day shipping!! Like I said in the last post - you can get that vest for less than $17!!!  The code is HOORAY.

So I threw together some of my favorite items - y'all know I love me some Old Navy :)...here are some plus items...

And here are some regular items - a new cut that I am loving and wearing today? The demi boot but - they are a skinny boot cut - SO SLIMMNG!! I will post a pic on instagram later :)

And lastly - some super cute kids' stuff!! Girls.. Boys.. It ends today so get on it!!!! These are some great deals!! Code - HOORAY

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  1. Free 2 day shipping AND 30% off...thanks for posting about this!!! Old Navy is so hit & miss for me but I did manage to snag something for everyone in the family....and maybe 2 things for myself! ;)

    Also, I just have to say that I absolutely adore you! I love that your outfits & posts are geared toward everyone, no matter what shape or size. I love your confidence & attitude and how it is so contagious. I love that you inspire so many, just like me, to rock it, no matter what! Thank you!!


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