Sunday, September 7, 2014

No More Denim Blues

When I asked y'all, what was a topic you wanted to see on SS, many of you wanted help with jeans!!  I was not surprised at all.  I hate shopping for jeans.  At least I used to.  Today, we are going to talk what kind of jeans you need and where to get them...or at least what I am wearing :). I will link only jeans that I have tried and liked :)...

There are three types of jeans I like to wear: Skinnies, Distressed, and Boyfriend jeans.  Disclaimer - my current  BF jeans are too big and I recently ordered a pair so if you are thinking "I don't think I have seen RB in BF jeans", you really haven't in awhile.  So let's talk about each of these kinds...

First - before I get started.  Let me tell you a little secret.  I don't own a single pair of jeans over probably $45.  The only reason that number is that high is because I have bought a few pairs full price at Old Navy. My point is - I don't do expensive jeans.  Let's be real - I wear them until they fall apart.  Literally.  Either there is a hole in the knee that was not intentional, they are falling apart at the belt loops from pulling them on and washing too many times, or the real reason - my thighs. Mama does not have a thigh gap.  In fact my thighs are buddies and rub like their going to start a fire when I wear jeans.  I know y'all know what I am talking about.  It is what it is.  I embrace it.  In order to be okay with it, I buy cheap jeans.  And honestly, the expensive ones that I bought in the past, didn't last much longer for me.

Back to business...First let's talk SKINNIES.

Just because they are called skinnies it does not mean only skinny people can wear them.  I don't care what you think, that is not true.  Skinnies are actually flattering on everyone when wearing the right size.  The three keys to well fitted skinnies: They are actually fitted on your legs, not baggy, they have STRETCH, and they don't give you a muffin top. Buy a pair that is your size, the higher the rise the better to prevent muffin top, and you need to be able to breathe in them.  Look for a pair with stretch.  These are supposed to be tight, you don't want your pants splitting when you sit down.  Make sure they are in fact fitted, or skinny.  They need to be almost like leggings.

I love skinnies because they are flattering with looser tops - and let's be honest, that is what I live in.  They can look dressed up or dressed down, depending on your shoes.  You can wear booties with them no problem - just roll them up loosely if they are long.  Of course they are perfect for tall boots too.  Many stores have them in all sizes now - my favorite skinnies come from Old Navy and Forever 21.  I like all shades of skinnies - but dark is my favorite because of the slimming factor.  That is my recommendation if you are diving in this pool for the first time - go dark - and where a longer looser top.  Here are some of favorite skinnies...if you look at my instagram, you will see I wear these almost everyday!

Second - Distressed Jeans.

Now some of you may hate these and hate that we wear them.  Sorry.
But I know many of you love them because you are always asking where I get mine :).  I wear these casually most of the time, but I like to wear them dressed up on Date Night or out with the girls.  They are very versatile, but you do need to keep in mind of where you are going. I don't wear them to work unless it is a super casual day and we are not seeing the customer.  They are so comfortable (hello! Built in ventilation and give at the knees!!) and you will want to wear them all the time.  Unfortunately, the more you wear them, the more they rip.  These don't last forever, hence why you should not spend too much on them.  Like I said, I dress them down and up - Down is obvious with tshirts and converse - dressed up they look super cute with booties or even wedges with a fun top and jewelry.  My favorite place to buy them is Forever 21.  I have worn out both of my pairs and waiting on another pair to get to me!  I bought a pair this weekend from Old Navy that was a skinny fit and I love them so far.  Watch F21 for their skinny version - those are my favorite - right now you can get these pairs, boyfriend style from F21 and I linked the Old Navy ones (regular Old Navy goes up to 18, so check those out too, I also added the plus size)...

Last - Boyfriend Jeans.

Honestly, I feel like these should become a closet staple.  If you look at all the style blogs, you will see them rocking this style in such cute ways.  Boyfriend Jeans are exactly what they sound like - they are supposed to look like you are wearing your boyfriend jeans.  They are more of a straight leg, baggy with a rolled up hem.  Gap has a great BF jean that you can get on sale sometimes.  I once read a blog that had the easiest way to get the right fit on these (it was Rachel Parcell).  She said that you should get a pair of your favorite skinnies, at least one size too big. They won't be fitted and they will hang on your waist lower like your BF's jeans would (let's be honest, I could not even button Shane's jeans, ugh).  Then just roll them up.  This would be an easy transition into skinnies if you are apprehensive. These jeans would need to be worn with booties or lower shoes - not tall boots.  They are once again, a great look for casual and dressing up.  Button downs look fantastic with them!  I ordered a pair from Old Navy (link included)  and I will let yall know what I think later! Here are some links...FYI - I added a pair of Gap ones that are amazing and I have too - they are pricey...look at Old Navy regular like I said above...

Now there are a ton other styles - I love me a good wide leg or boot cut - but these above are the top trends at the moment.  Not that these others are not great - keep on wearing them.  Just quit wearing jeans that are uncomfortable because of the size on the tag.  The best lesson I ever learned: A pair of jeans in one or two sizes bigger will be slimmer than squeezing into a smaller size. Period.  DO NOT be afraid of jeans shopping because you are afraid of the size.  Buy the ones that fit and if you have to, cut that size out.  Quit holding on to that high school jeans size - you are not even her anymore.  You are so much better and could kick her ass!  It is not about your size, it is about you feeling like a hottie, strutting around in a pair of jeans that feel good and look good.


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  2. I've got a pair of the ON Boyfriend Jeans but I'm still debating on them. Can't wait to hear what you think about them when you get them. I can't decide how long they are supposed to be once you roll them. How much leg gap should show between the top of your booties and the jeans? I also love your advice about sizes. It is so freeing! And I've maybe cut a tag or two out of some jeans....

  3. Rachel, You crack me up everytime I read your blog. I am amazed how much in common we have and I love how transparent you are about it. Thank you for this post. I need to some new jeans very soon with cooler weather approaching. I just hate shopping for them. My #1 problem is that if I go bigger in jeans size to fit my big tighs, then they are too big in the waist. Advise on that, when I don't want to wear a belt?!

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