Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hottie Alert

Happy Hump Day friends!! Hope this week is going great for you - so far so good in Suburban Strut world!!  Today, I want to talk about making you feel like a I have your attention, right?!

You want to know what is one of my most favorite things in my closet and makes me feel like either a badass or a total hottie?!?!  My faux leather jacket!! Now don't go away  - hear me out!

Every woman needs a well fitted, black faux (pleather) leather jacket.  It can take an everyday outfit or dress and amp it up a million.  Plus, you will feel so sexy in it.  Pinky swear.  That is my key to getting dressed up in the Winter and Fall.

One thing y'all have asked about was dressing up or date night attire.  If you have been following me long, you know that we like to dress up in my family and have quite a few events and parties.  We love it!  So dressing up is no big deal to me as that was how I was raised, but I get that it can be difficult. Especially when all the boutiques carry itty bitty teeny tiny dresses! So the first key to dressing up - find the dress that fits and you feel great wearing.  A good black dress can be worn for years.  I rarely get rid of my black dresses because they can be worn so many different ways.  Also, some of my black dresses were cheap and super plain. I use accessories, like a pleather jacket to change up the look!

For dressing up in the cooler months, my key is to find short dresses that are maybe plain or maybe not too dressy, add some jewelry, tights, booties, and my pleather jacket - and BAM instant vavoom...and my arms are covered :).  You could wear the same black dress and change out the jewelry and it look different every time, even with your jacket.

Then for date night - you could wear a pair of your best skinnies, a feminine tunic, and jewelry - add this jacket and you will feel like a million bucks.  Remember when we used to get dressed up for the boys in our life?  This is an easy way! A pleather jacket takes you from "mom" to your "husband's date".  Isn't that what we want when we go out with our men?  A chance to get away and feel like his wife again?!?!  I know it is silly, but we all know how great we can feel when we FEEL beautiful and how if affects everyone around us...

I know some of you are thinking, there is no way I am wearing a pleather jacket...yes, you can!

I am not talking about the leather jackets we used to wear in high school as a coat, I am talking about a thinner jacket that is short and fitted.  I am not talking about a full on biker jacket either - you can totally pull it off...contrary to that chick in your head telling that you can't. Everyone can wear this look!  Just get over that self doubt, put it on, put on some lipstick, drink a glass of wine, and rock that jacket!

My jacket is old - like over 5 years and I am still wearing it often. I think Tara got it for me for Christmas one year!  So I can't link it - but here are some great, mostly affordable, options...

If you want to really grab onto the trend - try a colored one!! I have my eye on a few of these...

So let's discuss this - it's time to get out of your comfort zone a bit.  Some of these jackets are less than $30!  You are not going to look like you are trying to hard. You are not too big to wear one.  You are not too old. You are beautiful and will rock this look.  AND you will feel so great doing it!!  Trust me. I have been there.  If I can do it, y'all totally can!

(tag me on insta if you wear this look - I want to see it!!!)

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