Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hair Superstition...

I am not a very superstitious person...except for one thing...my hair. I know that sounds completely ridiculous, but I have to admit is true. Let me tell you why...

Just like my clothes, my hair can make or break my day.  I have spent way too many mornings in the past fussing with my hair and being so utterly pissed off at it that it is almost embarrassing. I have tried practically every brand of product from drug store to the most expensive and spent more money than I care to admit on hair product that eventually got trashed, practically full. I have tried so many hair styles too and if my hair is not cut correctly, then there is no amount of product that can fix this mop.  So first things first, I embraced my short hair.  I am a lover of big hair and the only way I can get it is with shorter hair.  My mom and sisters all have long beautiful hair, and tons of it.  I have tons of hair too, but mine is a totally different texture.  So I cut it off years ago and never looked back!  I also know that keeping my hair colored gives me more volume.  That is my main goal with my hair - GETTING MORE LASTING VOLUME.  If you are not needing that, you probably should scroll on to a shopping post below :).  But if you are looking for more volume...here are my tips on how I get the big hair I have always wanted :).

But wait, we do need to address the big elephant in the room because I know that you probably already scrolled down and saw the prices on the items I am going to recommend.  Now just give me a sec to explain myself and my outrageous spending on hair product.  I have tried everything and I honestly believe that buying high end hair care products are the better purchase.  I do believe they work ten times better and are worth the money.  Also - here is the best part and how you can explain yourself to the husband.  When I use these high end products, I use them less.  Yes, that is so true.  I wash my hair three times a week.  That's it.  That means three of seven days I use shampoo and conditioner and ALL the hair product used when it's wet.  I am able to do this because these products make my hair style last longer.  They give more texture - and believe it or not - there is technology now in these products that make them "remember your style".  Balk at it if you want, but I am here to tell you it is so true and works.  Many a morning, I wake up and my hair looks almost exactly the same as the day before.  When I used cheaper items, I had to wash my hair every single day to get the fresh look I wanted everyday.  Now I just have to tease and spray in a few places and voila!  Now that is out of the way, let's get to the details...

When I say I am superstitious, I am saying I follow the same hair care routine to a tee! If I miss one of these steps, I know I am going to not like my hair and will be re-washing the next day.  Also if I miss a step, I know that I will be fussing with it longer...which then leads to four people in the bathroom ready for school staring at me (the fourth is Shane and he is just ready for us to go! :) ).  I have perfected my routine and know it works seamlessly when I do it right.  My best advice is to do the same thing for a couple weeks and see if you get a consistent outcome and like it. If not, change it up until you get the look you are desiring.  Man, this hair post is getting deep....

Finally - the deets! All of the product links are included - just scroll down!

  • I wash my hair with Big Sexy Hair Sulfate Free Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I wash my hair first in the shower and then I put in conditioner after the shampoo is washed out.  I leave the conditioner in long enough for me to wash my face.  If I leave it in too long, my hair is too soft and limp.
  • Once I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair.  I then spray my hair down with Oribe Foundation Mist.  Oribe products are pricey, but SO worth it.  This foundation spray tames my ends, keeps me from getting frizzy and just makes my hair easier to comb. I comb out my hair after I spray.  One thing I also do is use two different brushes, one when my hair is wet and one when it's dry.  You don't want residual product on the brush on your dry hair.
  • I then let my hair air dry.  I get dressed, do my make up, deal with the kids a little bit, etc.  This was some advice from hair stylist - don't add your styling products with super wet hair. They will act better on damp hair. I have thick hair so it doesn't necessarily get damp, but it is not soaking wet.
  • Once I think my hair is ready to style, I add Kenra Platinum Thickening Glaze.  This is a lotion like product that I run all through my hair, especially my roots.  The few times I forgot this product, my hair did not have the light, bouncier feel I was looking for, so it is needed!
  • After the glaze, I add TONS of Big Sexy Hair Root Pump.  Not Root Pump Plus, just Root Pump. (Plus makes my hair stiff and crusty).  This is spray mousse that is awesome.  Add it to your roots and then flip your head over and add it everywhere else.  Once you are practically coated, use the same brush you brushed with earlier on wet hair and brush all the product through your hair.
  • I then dry my hair for a minute.  Just to get all the major dampness out so I can spray my favorite product: Royal Blowout by Oribe. This stuff is amazing! You can't use much, like three sprays around your head and keep it away from your roots, but it gives your hair that "just had a blowout" feeling when we all know that you were drying your hair knee deep in laundry and your kid banging on the door. This is the most expensive thing I use and of course, it is my favorite.

  • I then finish drying my hair with a John Frieda Volumizing Dryer, with the attachment (don't forget that!!!) and a medium Wigo round brush.  I round brush my bottom layers and then I tip my head over and literally dry my top layers straight up (or down when you tip your head). I will dry my roots the opposite way of my part too, that will add tons of volume!


  • Now my hair looks big after all that, but I am not finished.  If you stopped here, your hair would probably be getting flat in a couple hours.  It sucks but it's true. I now will tease my hair. I use a Spornette, small teasing brush.  This is something you NEED to buy if you tease your hair.  I have used everything and nothing gives me more volume than this brush.  Pinky swear.  It is like $5.00 in the link or at Ulta.  
  • So here is how I tease.  You know I use product too :).  I start at the top of my head, at one side of my part. I take the pointy end of my teasing brush and pull up a very small layer of hair (think about how your hair colorist picks up small layers of hair to foil). I tease that small layer and then I spray the tease, close to my scalp with Oribe Texturizing Spray.  This spray is INSANE.  It holds your tease so much longer and adds texture at the same time. GOLD I tell you GOLD!!!  It, of course, is expensive and I go through this stuff faster because I use it almost everyday to refresh my hair.  
  • Then I follow that same routine of teasing (pick up a small/thin layer of hair, tease, and spray at scalp) all the way down both sides of my head.  ALL THE WAY DOWN.  You will look like a monster.  My kids get a good laugh when they see me that way!!!  I tease my back too, but not as much as the sides. The side pieces end up falling to the back too.
  • I then calm my hair down with that same teasing brush by brushing it all back down, the top layer only, covering the teasing.  It will take practice to get this right and your hair not look like a bird's nest.  I can practically do it in my sleep now :).  

  • You should have bigger hair than you want at this point.  You should be a little panicked that you went too far.  Walk away for a minute, finish putting your jewelry on, shoes on, etc.  Then come back and your hair will already be looking a bit more tame.  Your hair is going to fall. Promise. It is the law of gravity. But the good news is that when I use these products, it does not fall completely out. I am writing this blog at 9pm and my hair still has teasing from this morning!
  • Right before you walk out the door, spray your hair with your favorite hair spray and you should have big hair all day.  I also spritz a little of my favorite body spray in my hair just so it smells even better.  

So I am not a stylist or a hair expert, but all of this works on my hair and I am not changing for ANYTHING. Told you I was superstitious. Just last week, I noticed my hair was not keeping it's volume for as long and that is when I knew it was time for a cut and color.  So today is HAIR DAY!!  I love me some hair day. Let me know if you try any of these.  Later this week, I will add them all to the shop tab so you can always find them there too!


  1. In case you feel like you're writing and nobody cares about your products - I'm here to tell you differently! After I read your post I wrote all the products down, you see, we have similar hair, then off shopping I went. I only found the big and sexy things and the teasing brush. Now I'm going to order online the rest. I hope it works fir me - if not I'll ship it to you ! Thanks for going step by step! Fingers crossed

  2. Looks like I've got some goodies to add to my shopping and packing list for NYC! Going for a girls' trip on Tuesday and big hair is a must! :)

  3. This is the post I've been waiting for!! I use the Root Pump already but am ordering all the other products you recommend!! I can't wait! Thank you so much for this post!! When you announced on IG you wanted recommendations about what to write about I commented hair products that give volume!! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Three & a half months later, I decided to splurge on the Oribe products. I love them! My fine blond hair can finally make it three days without looking greasy. Thank you so much for sharing!


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