Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Booties Love You

Hey friends! Let's talk booties!

I know I have written before and I will say it again, but Booties are your friend. They love you.  I have a mutual love for booties.  They don't discriminate against us ladies with the wider calves. I have fought with toooooo many pairs of tall boots, so I have embraced this new boot trend with open arms. I will always love a good tall boot, but not everyday like I used to.

Since I was a little girl, I have been so hard on shoes.  I have not changed a bit and wear shoes until they are falling apart at the seams.  All three of my kids are the same way so it is a real problem for us :).  With that said, spending a ton of money on shoes that are going to fall apart is not a great idea for me.  Now, I am not saying I have never spent too much money on shoes, I just try to not make it a habit.  We all know I have a pair of Hunter boots and that price for a pair of rubber boots is kind of funny if you think about it.  But I had to have a pair :).

I went into this Fall wanting to replace a couple pairs of my booties from years past that were looking rough. I was  needing a couple different colors.  I ventured out to Dillards and the internets and realized that the booties that I was wanting were way more than I wanted to spend..unless I was going to buy one pair! So I decided to look harder and find some better deals.  So let's discuss some steals vs. the splurge...bootie style!!

I LOVE Tom's Booties - but they can be almost (or over) $100!!  They are so comfortable for wedges!!  I have had a camel pair for a couple years that I still wear, but they are looking rough.  I wanted to get a black pair this year like this..

But then I found these at Target...for $35!!  And I bought them instead!

Can't beat that price and so far, they are comfortable!!!  
NOW - of course as soon as I do that, Zulily has a Tom's Sale and I find some really cute boots for half the regular price!! I bought the red wedges and the tan snow leopard ones!! Here is an invite to zulily and look at the Tom's sale today!!! I love this pair, this pair, and this pair too!!

I LOVE me some leopard booties!! I bought mine from Amazon last year for a stupid price - they are Steve Madden, but I can't find them this year.  But how about these adorable Sam Edelman ones. or BCBG pair...

But they are pricey...so I found these for y'all to try!!! This pair from Amazon...

How about a cute brown pair of boots?!  Yeah those get expensive too...like these pairs...but I love them!!!!

So here are some affordable options...

Lastly, y'all love my tan fringe ones - They are Besty Johnson from last year and I CANNOT find them ugh!  But here are some great other options...(notice I did not say, they are very affordable - I am still looking for cheaper versions of those, but I know y'all have been asking!!)

So I hope that helped!!! Let me know if you get any and how they fit!!! I found quite a few pairs at TJ Maxx too - so don't forget to always check there!! Happy Shopping!!!

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  1. I have had the Mossimo booties for 2 years, but I am just now feeling confident enough to wear them. They are comfy! I love your style:)


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