Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Suburban Strut Holiday Glow!

Starting tonight, I am so excited to start a new series on Suburban Strut!!

 If you were to look at my email (you would probably get on to me for how many I have not responded to...sorry!), you would see a common type of email I receive...."I need help planning an outfit for _____ event!" or "Rachel - do you have any ideas of what I should wear for ____?" or "I want to look really great at ____ but I just cant figure out what to wear, can you help?!".  I love those emails, I really do.  Putting together outfits and shopping are pretty much my most favorite hobbies - so helping y'all do it, makes me happy!  But all these emails gave me an idea for a fun new series here on the blog....

Oct 1st - Dec 31st - I will be posting "Suburban Strut Holiday Glow" posts!!  I will be posting tons of outfit ideas for all the fun Fall and Christmas events that we have coming up!  I will probably post what I plan to wear to these events ahead of time too!  Mainly, I just want to help y'all to worry about one less thing during the holidays so you can GLOW more to your family and friends!!

I know how stressful the holiday season can be, and I KNOW that so many of us put OURSELVES on the back burner.  So let's get ahead and plan for us now!  My biggest advice to enjoy the holidays as a woman and to ensure that you look great and not dodging pictures is plan outfits ahead!  I literally write down every event that I know is coming up for the holidays, starting in October. I then start planning what I think I want to wear, what I need to buy, and put big questions marks in for where I have no idea what to wear ( I do the same for the kids, but I know most of y'all already put all your efforts towards your kids, so let's leave the nuggets out of this :) ).  Then I start looking at blogs, pinterest, my favorite clothing stores and boutiques for ideas.  Since I love this process and am on a mission to help all my fellow lovely ladies - I decided to do all this here!!!

First I will start with the Fall events  - Pumpkin Patch, School parties and field trips, Homecoming and Football games, Kids games, school programs, Bonfires, Thanksgiving, Fall Date Nights and Girl's Nights, Halloween parties....and probably tons more.  And yes, a full post on Fall pictures! I will hopefully post multiple outfit ideas for each example over this first month - hopefully inspiring y'all to look great, be in the moment, have so much fun, take pictures, and GLOW!

So I asked on Instagram and got tons of great examples of events y'all are planning for - so thank you!! Now feel free to comment here with more examples - keep them coming!!!

Kicking off tonight with an easy outfit that I think would be great for a trip to the pumpkin patch in the warmer temps, or a Girl's Night these Fall evenings.  I am wearing distressed jeans so I know some of you may not feel comfortable wearing those some places, and I agree. And that hole in my knew is OOC!  I may or may not have put my foot through it :).  This is just an easy one that I felt comfortable in and put together - that is the goal right!!  Also, you can never go wrong with a monogrammed vneck!!!  Don't be scared of the fedora...as promised, I am working on a head gear post...coming soon. If you are wanting to wear the button down shirt trend, but having a hard time getting one that fits over the...ahem...girls, this is a great way to try it.  You can just wear it layered over another top.  This is perfect for when it is October, but still over 80 degrees. You are layered like you want to be for the Fall event, but it is just a thin cotton button down. Perfect.

Jeans - F21+ - similar and similar| vneck - Threads Inc (link to instagram) | Button down - Old Navy - similar and similar | Necklace - Impressions | Fedora - Savoir Faire | Booties - Toms

Please let me know what y'all think about the new series and don't forget to comment with events that you are looking for me to post!!  I will tag all the posts on Instagram with #ssholidayglow!

Thank you for stopping by - love y'all to the moon and back for listening to my rambling and loving me for it (insert kissy face emoji) MUAH!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Love...

Kimono, Tunic, and Gorgeous Necklace - c/o Savoir Faire
Jeans - Old Navy | Booties - Marshall's - similar | Tory Burch Handbag

I am absolutely in love with this kimono, tunic, and necklace from Savoir Faire, one of my favorite Fayetteville boutiques!!  I thought it would be the perfect outfit for all the Fall events we have coming up (you will see it again on me this weekend at Mom's family birthday dinner!).  I love all the warm Autumn colors and that tunic - oh that tunic is amazing. It is actually sleeveless and super lightweight - meaning it can be worn year round and is the perfect piece to wear right now considering I am in boots and jeans...and it's 80 degrees :).  Savoir Faire is a great boutique AND SITE to check often - they carry many beautiful overlays that would be perfect all season long.  This outfit would be great for a date night, girls' night, or even a school event when you don't want to seem too dressed up, but you want to GLOW :)....this is all foreshadowing my big series starting October 1st so stay tuned...

This was a fun photo opp - we took it at my sister's house. They have horses and a barn and the lighting made for perfect pics - I did not even edit these to make them look this pretty :).  The best part was that the horses followed us around and kept trying to get in between mom (our photog!) and us :).  Here is a pic of these handsome fellas....

This shoot was super fun because my sister Tara was doing a Fall inspired Savoir Faire shoot too! Her shearling coat is TO DIE FOR! Holla for the first of many sister collabs!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Peek at my Shopping List...otherwise known as Rachel's OOTDs

Hey friends!!  What what?!?!? It's Friday!!  Okay it's actually late Thursday night when I am typing this. And full disclosure, I am in bed with the cutest 5 year old I know asking me a million questions about "Burban Strut".  I kind of love this :).

So first of all - yall have been so sweet to me on Instagram - THANK YOU so much for all the sweet comments and y'all have no idea how much they mean to me. I am still getting used to posting pics of ME everyday and I am not sure it will ever be easy, but having such a supportive group of lovely ladies behind me, well it's the only way I can do it.  Also, #suburbanstrutglow was me totally going out of my comfort zone, but I knew y'all would love it. Thank you for supporting it and I hope it makes a difference in at least one woman. I know it will.  Let me clear about something - I am not doing this for the attention or for "insta-fame" or free clothes.  I am doing this because the Lord is asking me to do it.  I am doing it because this is my thing - this is what I am supposed to be doing.  I am doing it because I just want to help at least a few women feel better and change the lives in the people around them because of it.  I also do it because is also fun :).  Thanks y'all.  You are the freaking best :).

Let's talk all the outfits this week, shall we?

ME: Camo Jacket - Old Navy | Vneck - Old Navy | Cutoffs - F21+| Beanie - Savoir Faire | Necklace - Savoir Faire | Converse - Crystal Faye
Claire - Vest - Gianni Bini Dillards - similar

Saturday night we had a chili and s'mores party at my mom's with the family. The Hogs were also playing so we had to get our red on too :).  I am kind of loving the camo trend. Funny story - Owen saw me and Claire wearing these jackets and he was completely confused.  He asked me "Why are you and Claire dressed to go hunting?" I told them that this was the style and that we are not going hunting. He did not believe me and asked if we got them at Academy :) - we about died!  Anyway - it was an easy outfit and so comfy.  Also - don't let beanies scare you. Next week there will be a post all about why you should embrace headwear - it will be good :).

Top - c/o Impressions Curve | Jeans - Old Navy| Boots- similar| Necklaces - similar

I LOVE this top! It is a curvy top from Impressions. You have to call to order - and when you do - tell them Rachel said to get it all online :).  I liked it because it was loose, but really slimming. It is kind of simple too, but I got tons of compliments. And that back? The icing on the cake.  Also - if you are looking for tall boots - you need a light brown pair.  They are so versatile...and you guessed it - post coming soon about that :).

Top - F21+ | Cardigan - Asos Curve | Jeans - Old Navy, similar | shoes - similar | Necklace - Baublebar

This was my favorite outfit of the week!  I triple puffy heart love plaid lately and I was giddy to wear this F21 top.  If you get the top, I would size up - it might be too short.  Also this cardi was a little smaller than I expected - and elbow patches??? Insert emoji with heart eyes - LOVE THEM!

Cardi - Haley Boutique | tunic - Zulily | Leggings - F21+ | Necklace - Savoir Faire | Headwrap - Savoir Faire

This day, I woke up exhausted and not feeling 100%.  I knew I could not go to work in pjs like I wanted, so I wore an outfit that felt like it.  You should own comfortable clothes. Listen to Rachel. Don't overlook leggings and soft tunics.  The days where you feel like shiz don't deserve to be a ratty tshirt day.  Because I was comfortable all day, I ended up feeling better because I did not look bad.  That may sound silly, but I think it is a big deal.  Zulily always has comfy plus size tunics that are super cheap - check them out!! Also - that leopard head wrap may be the single best thing I have ever bought!  We will talk about these next week - but if you see a leopard one, grab it!

Top - Haley Boutique | Jeans - old Gap| booties - similar | necklace - similar | sunnies - F21

I found another boutique here in NWA that started carrying Curve items!! Holla!!  They are going to put them online soon as well.  This outfit was a pretty one and I LOVE that top. It will be worn year round - I think it would be cute with a cardi over it too.

I will be off Friday with the three monkeys because they are out of school early!! Have a great weekend and don't forget to #suburbanstrutglow!!  Love y'all!!! XOXOXO

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey friends! Hope this week is treating you well!  I honestly think it is dragging, I thought it was Wednesday...wrong-o!  Anyways - I want to run something past y'all and hear your thoughts...

I know y'all read my post "Glow" and understand why I am so passionate about Suburban Strut.  I am so very passionate about this being a new status quo and changing the way women feel towards themselves AND other women. We need to change things ladies!! We need to raise a new generation of strong, confident girls that are ready to conquer anything...and feel absolutely beautiful doing it.  You want to know the way to do that? It's time to really "Glow" friends...its time to set the example and literally let our light shine so bright that others can't help but look and want to be just like you. The kicker? You are going to have to get over those demons. Shut the b.... up inside you that tells you that you are not good enough. Tell her to kick rocks when she says you can't wear that or you are not skinny enough or pretty enough.  It's time to take control of our selves - look to the Lord for help with our confidence - and strut it for everyone to see. I know y'all want to do it because I read your emails and they make me cry. Y'all have welcomed this blog with open arms and that makes this mama happy.  So let's really do this. I want to make Suburban Strut bigger but for the right reasons. I want other woman, our friends, to see this and want to be a part of it too!!  So, I am starting...


What is that? Well that is a hash tag and I want all of us to start using it, at least once a week! Are you on instagram? (You totally should be, if not!) At least once a week, let's post a picture of us with #suburbanstrutglow.  It could be a pic of you feeling great in your outfit...it could be a pic documenting the only time you dressed up all week...it could be a time that you felt great in your clothes and wanted to share...it could be posting a new lipstick you are wearing...it could be of you and your kids, showing how happy you are...it could be a pic of the first time you are wearing a specific item that has been out of your comfort zone....it could be of something SS inspired you to wear or try...it could be anything! I just want to be a picture of YOU GLOWING and wanting to spread the #suburbanstrutglow!  I want it to be happy. I want it to be you feeling great and not apologizing for a selfie :).  No apologies for confidence and happiness in yourself.  NONE.  Let's do this so other women see it and ask "What is this #suburbanstrutglow and how do I get on this train?".  Would it not be awesome if we could grow this so much that so many other women are feeling better about themselves just because you posted a pic of you smiling, glowing, all because you liked your outfit that day? Guess what? That is how I feel everyday with y'all and your sweet comments and let me tell ya.  IT IS AWESOME!  I was so nervous to put myself out here, but your comments and emails make it all worth it. I had to take the step too and if I can do it, you totally can. I can tell you now. This world needs more confident women. Our baby girls need more confident women.

So, does this make you nervous? I bet you are already saying "I am not going to do this one, Rachel you are crazy".  Don't let her stop you.  Her being that chick inside that also tells you that you are too old/fat for booties or skinny jeans. She does not know ANYTHING.  Pray about it.  What if you made ONE of your friends have the confidence to do the same thing? To me, that is all worth it.

So are y'all in?!? I really hope so!!!  I will be checking the hash tag daily and looking at every picture, pinky swear (if you are private, let me know you did it!). At least once a month, I will be featuring my favorite #suburbanstrutglow pics on instagram and posting here too.  I will also be giving way fun presents along the way for some of my favorites :)

I have a major conviction with all of this and I want to grow this to help as many women and girls as possible. The only way I can is with y'all. In the words of Tone Loc, Lezzz do it!

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Heart Make-Up

Hey friends!! Let's talk makeup!  I am a LOVER of all things beauty related and am all about trying new products!  I have tried everything over the years and feel like I have a pretty good line up currently in my make up bag. Yall have been asking me to share and I love to talk beauty, so let's go!

Disclaimer - I spend too much on this stuff.  I know that seems to be a going theme sometimes with me, but it is what it is. I am always going to be authentically ME, so if you are not into the high end products, this is probably not the post for you. I totally think that you could probably get the same look with drugstore items, but I have had luck with these, and y'all know I like my routine (see hair post :) )!Now let's get to the goods, shall we?!...

  • Foundation -My FAVORITE by far and after trying everything the past 20 something years of my life, is Dior Forever Foundation - I wear shade 020 without a tan, 032 with a tan. I have them both in my bag for when I get a spray tan :). I love this foundation because 1. It stays Forever. Ok not really, but it lasts longer than any other foundation I have tried.  Even after a full day of work, I can still tell I am wearing it. 2. It has FABULOUS matte coverage - I like a good matte foundation that evens me out and makes me look airbrushed - this does that. Takes away any shine and hides pores. It truly is fabulous!! Probably my favorite item in the makeup bag by far! I apply my foundation with a stippling brush - we will talk on another post about brushes - they are so important, they need another post :)!
  • Powder- Because I love my foundation so much, I don't see a need for a tinted powder - I seal it with Makeup Forever High Definition powder - Translucent loose powder. I use the Makeup Forever Kabuki brush with it. Once again - I like a matte look and this seals my foundation to stay in place all day.  It also keeps me from looking like I caked makeup on - makes it look natural. LOVE it!  I have a compact of it in my purse for touch ups during the day.
  • Blush - I am not attached to any blush really - When I run out, I go look for a pretty one :). Right now I am loving Mac Blush in Gleeful. It is a pretty, rosy blush that has done me well for a couple seasons now! I feel like it would work on almost anyone - I do love Mac blush - it has great pigment and it lasts for a long time on your cheeks :).
  • Eyeshadow - I LOVE the Naked palettes and the Too Faced palettes...I am not an eyeshadow professional and honestly most mornings I just put on one shade. That is why I love these palettes because they have a ton of easy shades that look great on their own...I am probably being cussed my makeup professionals because these palettes are made so they can easily be used for a fun smokey eye or a natural, multi dimensional one :).
  • \
  • Eyeliner - I could not live without eyeliner.  I look asleep without it.  I am very particular about it. I want one that I will have to get off with a jackhammer before I go to bed at night. Ok, not really. But I want a long lasting one that will not rub or wear off easily.  I have tried everything, but my favorite, by far, is the Sephora Liquid - Waterproof  Eyeliner - in black. I only wear black.  If you want a good liner that will seriously still be on in the morning if you don't wash your face, this is the one. Give it a try :).
  • A couple of things that I am not sold on yet...

    • Mascara - I am not loyal at all! I have tried everything!! I am about to try Younique, for the second time. I honestly have had more luck with drug store brand mascaras in the past - but being the product junkie that I am, I have a bag full of "not so great to me" expensive mascaras.  
    • Eyebrow powder - I pretty much just use whatever. I do think it is important to fill in your brows - but right now I am still looking for my favorite.
    • Concealer - Right now I am using Benefit - boing! and I use Erase Paste by Benefit as well. Neither one totally rock my world, but they work.  I honestly believe that the best remedy for under eye circles is a good foundation and using a good eye cream at night. We will discuss my skincare routine another time.

  • One thing that I am sold on and LOVE is Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray!  When I know I am going to be outside or want to stay flawless for a long period of time, I spray this on before eyeliner and mascara. It really works and worth every dime!!! It is crazy how much it seals your face! Don't use too much or you will end up with a wet face though :)

  • Lastly, let's talk about my VERY FAVORITE part - lipstick!! By far, I am the most loyal to Mac lipstick! It is my favorite and my purse weighs a ton because I carry a bag of of lipstick everywhere I go :).  Also, get the liners. I don't use them as much anymore, but when I first started wearing bolder colors on my lips - the liners kept me from looking like I had bad plastic surgery on my lips :). Mac stays on longer and has the best shades in my opinion - here are my favorites 

    • So that is my make up bag!! Hope that helped y'all!!! I highly encourage you to at least treat yourself to a good red lipstick - go get you a viva glam 1 - the BEST red, guaranteed :).

Friday, September 19, 2014

Peek at my Shopping List...

TGIF friends!!  How about we talk outfits this week, sales in my inbox, and some things I have been eye-ing, shall we?

First - I know yall love my Baublebar Courtney bib..this one:

And I know that it is pricey - well you can get it 20% off right now with code with FALL20 or if you buy two or more items, you can get 30% off with FALL30! I know I would also like to get my hands on these and I wore a gorgeous necklace this week!!

Also - remember the cute long denim shirt dress from Gap y'all loved when I wore a couple weeks ago? - you can get it 35% off online and in stores with code SPOT

Here are all of the deets on what I wore this week...

Vneck Piko Top -c/o Kiki La Rue | Jeans - Old Navy | Scarf - F21 | necklace - ebay | booties - Steve Madden - similar | watch- Michael Kors 

The super sweet and fun ladies at Kiki La Rue told me that I would love the v neck piko - I was skeptical at first - but I LOVED it!!  I loved this color too.  I am telling y'all - you need to find love for piko tops :) !! Go back and look at my Piko Love post if you have not read it already - I really do love these tops, I just think you need to try them out different ways.  If you wear them right and the right size, they can actually be flattering, pinky swear!  And of course, Kiki La Rue has the most options on their website (use code PIKOSUMMER, you are welcome :) )These jeans were a recent purchase at Old Navy - they are black and so slimming.  They are a different cut - Rock Star, Demi Boot cuts - a skinny boot but. I will wear them lots for work!  Go check them out in the link above if you are looking for a fun black pant.  

Sweater - Logo and Stitch | Necklace - Baublebar | Jeans - Old Navy | flats - old, similar |
Another great top from Logo and Stitch (call to order and beg them to get it up online - you can tell them I said that :) ) - it is Umgee and comes in ALL sizes. It was so comfy and actually not hot!  I love the color too.  Jeans are midrise Old Navy Rockstar skinnies - my favorite!  I got that necklace on Baublebar - it was a buried bauble!! Meaning if you sign up on their email list - they send clues to find a discounted bauble - so much fun!!!

Jacket - F21+ (not online right now :( ) | Tunic - H&M+ | Necklace - Savoir Faire | Boots - old, similar | bag - Barrington Gifts

Favorite outfit of the week - I am so sad that jacket is not online right now. I have linked it on other posts if you want to see it - keep watching for it to come back on.  Yes, H&M has a plus line!! I ordered a couple tunics - I think they run big. I was impressed with quality too so check them out.

Have a great weekend!! Owen has his first football game with a new league tomorrow morning so we are pumped in the Brown house!  Currently planning my royal blue and white outfit to match his team :)...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hottie Alert

Happy Hump Day friends!! Hope this week is going great for you - so far so good in Suburban Strut world!!  Today, I want to talk about making you feel like a hottie...now I have your attention, right?!

You want to know what is one of my most favorite things in my closet and makes me feel like either a badass or a total hottie?!?!  My faux leather jacket!! Now don't go away  - hear me out!

Every woman needs a well fitted, black faux (pleather) leather jacket.  It can take an everyday outfit or dress and amp it up a million.  Plus, you will feel so sexy in it.  Pinky swear.  That is my key to getting dressed up in the Winter and Fall.

One thing y'all have asked about was dressing up or date night attire.  If you have been following me long, you know that we like to dress up in my family and have quite a few events and parties.  We love it!  So dressing up is no big deal to me as that was how I was raised, but I get that it can be difficult. Especially when all the boutiques carry itty bitty teeny tiny dresses! So the first key to dressing up - find the dress that fits and you feel great wearing.  A good black dress can be worn for years.  I rarely get rid of my black dresses because they can be worn so many different ways.  Also, some of my black dresses were cheap and super plain. I use accessories, like a pleather jacket to change up the look!

For dressing up in the cooler months, my key is to find short dresses that are maybe plain or maybe not too dressy, add some jewelry, tights, booties, and my pleather jacket - and BAM instant vavoom...and my arms are covered :).  You could wear the same black dress and change out the jewelry and it look different every time, even with your jacket.

Then for date night - you could wear a pair of your best skinnies, a feminine tunic, and jewelry - add this jacket and you will feel like a million bucks.  Remember when we used to get dressed up for the boys in our life?  This is an easy way! A pleather jacket takes you from "mom" to your "husband's date".  Isn't that what we want when we go out with our men?  A chance to get away and feel like his wife again?!?!  I know it is silly, but we all know how great we can feel when we FEEL beautiful and how if affects everyone around us...

I know some of you are thinking, there is no way I am wearing a pleather jacket...yes, you can!

I am not talking about the leather jackets we used to wear in high school as a coat, I am talking about a thinner jacket that is short and fitted.  I am not talking about a full on biker jacket either - you can totally pull it off...contrary to that chick in your head telling that you can't. Everyone can wear this look!  Just get over that self doubt, put it on, put on some lipstick, drink a glass of wine, and rock that jacket!

My jacket is old - like over 5 years and I am still wearing it often. I think Tara got it for me for Christmas one year!  So I can't link it - but here are some great, mostly affordable, options...

If you want to really grab onto the trend - try a colored one!! I have my eye on a few of these...

So let's discuss this - it's time to get out of your comfort zone a bit.  Some of these jackets are less than $30!  You are not going to look like you are trying to hard. You are not too big to wear one.  You are not too old. You are beautiful and will rock this look.  AND you will feel so great doing it!!  Trust me. I have been there.  If I can do it, y'all totally can!

(tag me on insta if you wear this look - I want to see it!!!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Old Navy Online Sale!!!

Another post in less than 24 hours means one thing!!!! SALE!!!!!  Old Navy is having an online sale that ends today - 30% off and FREE 2 day shipping!! Like I said in the last post - you can get that vest for less than $17!!!  The code is HOORAY.

So I threw together some of my favorite items - y'all know I love me some Old Navy :)...here are some plus items...

And here are some regular items - a new cut that I am loving and wearing today? The demi boot but - they are a skinny boot cut - SO SLIMMNG!! I will post a pic on instagram later :)

And lastly - some super cute kids' stuff!! Girls.. Boys.. It ends today so get on it!!!! These are some great deals!! Code - HOORAY

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall-ing it Up!

Remember when I wore this adorable Impressions Curvy dress at the beach?

Well, just as I promised, I wore it today, in the Fall.  Like I said you do not have to put away all your summer dresses because it is Fall.  Layer them up with layers on top like this vest and with Fall colors.  What once looked like a strictly Summer dress became a great layering piece for a Fall outfit.

Dress - Impressions Curve | Vest - Old Navy | Burgundy jeans - similar | Necklace - similar | booties - Target

Also, let's talk about this vest. I think this vest is the PERFECT transitional piece.  It is a layer, but woohoo it's sleeveless!! Meaning you won't sweat to death!  I wore an olive green one last year and this year, I am loving the khaki.  I will say that I think the green is a little more versatile.  It can be worn a little more dressed up like this or it can be worn really casual with a t-shirt and converse.  I even like it with a maxi and booties!  I don't see it going out of style any time soon so you will get a couple years out of it - always a good thing.  I got this in a curvy cut from Old Navy, but I linked a few regular ones too. This is something you do not have to get in a plus, it is very forgiving.  Look for ones with drawstring at the waist line - they are more slimming and look more polished.  The best news - this Old Navy vest is on SALE - $22.97 and use code HOORAY for an additional 30% off and free shipping!!!!- HOLLA!!!!!

Now go shop your closet and see what you can transition into Fall now that you know :)!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Peek at My Shopping List...

Happy Friday friends!! It has been kind of quiet week here this week as work has been a little cray.  But I am taking a minute to do the weekly "Peek at My Shopping List" post...which has kind of turned into, "What Rachel has bought and loved lately" post :)... so here are pics of outfits with all the deets below them...

Tunic - Logo and Stitch | Jeans - F21, similar and similar | red converse - here | red necklace - RiffRaff -similar 
Logo and Stitch is a boutique owned by family friends (my sister Nicole's in-laws) and I have recently found big love for that little store!  They carry curvy sizes which makes me a happy camper!! I have a ton of new stuff from there that I will posting for the next couple weeks that I know y'all are going to love. They recently got in some great Umgee (that's the brand :) ) items, including this fabulous tunic!! It is super soft, comfortable and forgiving - you can size down!  They have it in all regular sizes, up to 2X.  I love it because it is so comfortable and easy to wear, but also can be dressed up or down. I plan to wear them a ton! If you want one, call the store, or comment on their instagram and tell them you want the "Umgee black (or gray) vneck tunic" and feel free to add "That Rachel / Suburban Strut wore". I got an XL.  I am begging them to start an online store!!!  The next pic is of the gray tunic...

Tunic - Logo and Stitch | Jeans - Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies | Necklace - local boutique, similar | handbag - Phillip Lim | "Play Hooky" Tote - Kate Spade - love and have one like this too | the girls' lunchboxes :) - Crystal Faye

Same tunic - different color! I just love it!!! The best outfit shot I could get that day was in the elevator after work, flying to dance to feed the girls between classes :).

Boyfriend Button Down - Simply Be | Pleather leggings - similar | booties - Target | necklace - Baublebar | handbag -  Phillip Lim | Sunnies - F21

A couple weeks ago, I posted on Instagram that I was looking through a "Simple Be" catalog and was loving their curvy items!! I placed an order and let me tell you, I loved it all so far!!! I got a couple of these boyfriend button downs and they are fabulous. I am loving that look this Fall and plan to wear them quite a bit!  They were long enough for leggings -big plus!!!  Post coming next week with some more of my favorites...

Utility vest - Old Navy | Distressed Skinnies  - Old Navy | cotton tunic - Simply Be | necklace  - F21 - similar | monogram converse - Crystal Faye | Sweet little girl - God :)

I honestly think one of the most versatile pieces you can own right now is a utility vest. It is great for chilly days, but you will not sweat in it on warm days still. They are slimming and you can wear it with ANYTHING!!  I love this one in army green too!!! Go check them on out at Old Navy - I bet I wear it once a week!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!! Working on a cosmetics post for next week...stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Booties Love You

Hey friends! Let's talk booties!

I know I have written before and I will say it again, but Booties are your friend. They love you.  I have a mutual love for booties.  They don't discriminate against us ladies with the wider calves. I have fought with toooooo many pairs of tall boots, so I have embraced this new boot trend with open arms. I will always love a good tall boot, but not everyday like I used to.

Since I was a little girl, I have been so hard on shoes.  I have not changed a bit and wear shoes until they are falling apart at the seams.  All three of my kids are the same way so it is a real problem for us :).  With that said, spending a ton of money on shoes that are going to fall apart is not a great idea for me.  Now, I am not saying I have never spent too much money on shoes, I just try to not make it a habit.  We all know I have a pair of Hunter boots and that price for a pair of rubber boots is kind of funny if you think about it.  But I had to have a pair :).

I went into this Fall wanting to replace a couple pairs of my booties from years past that were looking rough. I was  needing a couple different colors.  I ventured out to Dillards and the internets and realized that the booties that I was wanting were way more than I wanted to spend..unless I was going to buy one pair! So I decided to look harder and find some better deals.  So let's discuss some steals vs. the splurge...bootie style!!

I LOVE Tom's Booties - but they can be almost (or over) $100!!  They are so comfortable for wedges!!  I have had a camel pair for a couple years that I still wear, but they are looking rough.  I wanted to get a black pair this year like this..

But then I found these at Target...for $35!!  And I bought them instead!

Can't beat that price and so far, they are comfortable!!!  
NOW - of course as soon as I do that, Zulily has a Tom's Sale and I find some really cute boots for half the regular price!! I bought the red wedges and the tan snow leopard ones!! Here is an invite to zulily and look at the Tom's sale today!!! I love this pair, this pair, and this pair too!!

I LOVE me some leopard booties!! I bought mine from Amazon last year for a stupid price - they are Steve Madden, but I can't find them this year.  But how about these adorable Sam Edelman ones. or BCBG pair...

But they are pricey...so I found these for y'all to try!!! This pair from Amazon...

How about a cute brown pair of boots?!  Yeah those get expensive too...like these pairs...but I love them!!!!

So here are some affordable options...

Lastly, y'all love my tan fringe ones - They are Besty Johnson from last year and I CANNOT find them ugh!  But here are some great other options...(notice I did not say, they are very affordable - I am still looking for cheaper versions of those, but I know y'all have been asking!!)

So I hope that helped!!! Let me know if you get any and how they fit!!! I found quite a few pairs at TJ Maxx too - so don't forget to always check there!! Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

No More Denim Blues

When I asked y'all, what was a topic you wanted to see on SS, many of you wanted help with jeans!!  I was not surprised at all.  I hate shopping for jeans.  At least I used to.  Today, we are going to talk what kind of jeans you need and where to get them...or at least what I am wearing :). I will link only jeans that I have tried and liked :)...

There are three types of jeans I like to wear: Skinnies, Distressed, and Boyfriend jeans.  Disclaimer - my current  BF jeans are too big and I recently ordered a pair so if you are thinking "I don't think I have seen RB in BF jeans", you really haven't in awhile.  So let's talk about each of these kinds...

First - before I get started.  Let me tell you a little secret.  I don't own a single pair of jeans over probably $45.  The only reason that number is that high is because I have bought a few pairs full price at Old Navy. My point is - I don't do expensive jeans.  Let's be real - I wear them until they fall apart.  Literally.  Either there is a hole in the knee that was not intentional, they are falling apart at the belt loops from pulling them on and washing too many times, or the real reason - my thighs. Mama does not have a thigh gap.  In fact my thighs are buddies and rub like their going to start a fire when I wear jeans.  I know y'all know what I am talking about.  It is what it is.  I embrace it.  In order to be okay with it, I buy cheap jeans.  And honestly, the expensive ones that I bought in the past, didn't last much longer for me.

Back to business...First let's talk SKINNIES.

Just because they are called skinnies it does not mean only skinny people can wear them.  I don't care what you think, that is not true.  Skinnies are actually flattering on everyone when wearing the right size.  The three keys to well fitted skinnies: They are actually fitted on your legs, not baggy, they have STRETCH, and they don't give you a muffin top. Buy a pair that is your size, the higher the rise the better to prevent muffin top, and you need to be able to breathe in them.  Look for a pair with stretch.  These are supposed to be tight, you don't want your pants splitting when you sit down.  Make sure they are in fact fitted, or skinny.  They need to be almost like leggings.

I love skinnies because they are flattering with looser tops - and let's be honest, that is what I live in.  They can look dressed up or dressed down, depending on your shoes.  You can wear booties with them no problem - just roll them up loosely if they are long.  Of course they are perfect for tall boots too.  Many stores have them in all sizes now - my favorite skinnies come from Old Navy and Forever 21.  I like all shades of skinnies - but dark is my favorite because of the slimming factor.  That is my recommendation if you are diving in this pool for the first time - go dark - and where a longer looser top.  Here are some of favorite skinnies...if you look at my instagram, you will see I wear these almost everyday!

Second - Distressed Jeans.

Now some of you may hate these and hate that we wear them.  Sorry.
But I know many of you love them because you are always asking where I get mine :).  I wear these casually most of the time, but I like to wear them dressed up on Date Night or out with the girls.  They are very versatile, but you do need to keep in mind of where you are going. I don't wear them to work unless it is a super casual day and we are not seeing the customer.  They are so comfortable (hello! Built in ventilation and give at the knees!!) and you will want to wear them all the time.  Unfortunately, the more you wear them, the more they rip.  These don't last forever, hence why you should not spend too much on them.  Like I said, I dress them down and up - Down is obvious with tshirts and converse - dressed up they look super cute with booties or even wedges with a fun top and jewelry.  My favorite place to buy them is Forever 21.  I have worn out both of my pairs and waiting on another pair to get to me!  I bought a pair this weekend from Old Navy that was a skinny fit and I love them so far.  Watch F21 for their skinny version - those are my favorite - right now you can get these pairs, boyfriend style from F21 and I linked the Old Navy ones (regular Old Navy goes up to 18, so check those out too, I also added the plus size)...

Last - Boyfriend Jeans.

Honestly, I feel like these should become a closet staple.  If you look at all the style blogs, you will see them rocking this style in such cute ways.  Boyfriend Jeans are exactly what they sound like - they are supposed to look like you are wearing your boyfriend jeans.  They are more of a straight leg, baggy with a rolled up hem.  Gap has a great BF jean that you can get on sale sometimes.  I once read a blog that had the easiest way to get the right fit on these (it was Rachel Parcell).  She said that you should get a pair of your favorite skinnies, at least one size too big. They won't be fitted and they will hang on your waist lower like your BF's jeans would (let's be honest, I could not even button Shane's jeans, ugh).  Then just roll them up.  This would be an easy transition into skinnies if you are apprehensive. These jeans would need to be worn with booties or lower shoes - not tall boots.  They are once again, a great look for casual and dressing up.  Button downs look fantastic with them!  I ordered a pair from Old Navy (link included)  and I will let yall know what I think later! Here are some links...FYI - I added a pair of Gap ones that are amazing and I have too - they are pricey...look at Old Navy regular like I said above...

Now there are a ton other styles - I love me a good wide leg or boot cut - but these above are the top trends at the moment.  Not that these others are not great - keep on wearing them.  Just quit wearing jeans that are uncomfortable because of the size on the tag.  The best lesson I ever learned: A pair of jeans in one or two sizes bigger will be slimmer than squeezing into a smaller size. Period.  DO NOT be afraid of jeans shopping because you are afraid of the size.  Buy the ones that fit and if you have to, cut that size out.  Quit holding on to that high school jeans size - you are not even her anymore.  You are so much better and could kick her ass!  It is not about your size, it is about you feeling like a hottie, strutting around in a pair of jeans that feel good and look good.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Peek at My Shopping List...

Hot diggety dog! It's FRIDAY!!!!  For a short week, this one was still long.  Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing...as much as a mother of three can relax :).

It's Friday, so it's "Peek at My Shopping List" post time!! Last week, I posted quite a few fabulous Fall items...and I ordered quite a bit of it it too just as I figured I would :). I was so excited when it all started rolling in this week and pretty much immediately wore some of the new fun pieces. So I thought this week we would talk about my goodies!!  Here are my outfits this week and you can see how great a few of the items I posted turned out being...

 So I did not post this shirt/dress last week. We were shopping in Gap for Shane some pants on Sunday because they were having a 40% off Labor Day Sale. I shopped the ladies section (sometimes XL works) and found this awesome denim shirt/dress. It is long enough to button and wear as a dress, but it was a little short for me to do that. I loved it with leggings and I KNOW I will wear this quite a bit.  I envision it as a great airport outfit.  It is pricey but they are always running deals on their site and in store. It rained all that morning so I wore my Hunters.  I have the Huntress style that is a wider calf (that is what I linked above and below).  These do run big.  Real life - both of the buckles are busted on my boots - thanks to a certain little girl that I cannot keep out of them as she likes to stop around the house in mama's rain boots :).

Leopard Raglan Top - Asos - Curve and Regular | Bauble Bar Courtney Bib Necklace | Old Navy Skinny Jeans - Plus | Booties -old, similar

I knew that I had to have this leopard raglan top when I saw it on Asos Curve!! And guess what? It is pretty much exactly how I dreamed it to be. I got one size up so it would be long and loose and I am so glad I did!! I cannot even tell you how many people stopped me and asked where I got it!! The good news for your smaller girls - I linked the normal sized one too above! YAY!  This necklace is my favorite right now. I bought this as a slight splurge for Vegas and I have worn it so many time since.  A big gold necklace (it comes in silver too) is always a good idea.  I mean look, I took a baseball top and made it fabulous!!

Tan Crochet Detail Top - local boutique, Logo N Stitch (look them up on Instagram and Facebook!) | Old Navy Skinny Jeans - Regular Flirt | Necklace - local boutique - similar | booties - Betsy Johnson, similar

I loved this outfit. It was flowy and easy to wear. The top was so breezy, I did not even get hot!!  The best things to wear right now during transition is short sleeved, Fall colored shirts that won't make you sweat like you are under trial.:)

My Old Navy shipment got here last night and I could not wait to see if this shirt was what I hoped - and yay! I love it!! It is well fitted and different than the usual denim shirt.  My girls at work are both ordering immediately once they saw me in it. I wore it with black skinnies (cheap from F21 - like $10!) and booties (From Target!) - I think this is my favorite outfit this week!!!  And good news - I included a regular sized link as well for the top...

So that was this week!!  I am going to cool it on the shopping this week as I am still waiting on a few more shipments - what are y'all looking for? Let me know and I will help a sister out!! 

Have a great weekend beautiful!!  Smile and smell the pumpkin spice - can we officially say "Happy Fall Y'all!!" ?!?!?

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