Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Piko - Kiki LaRue | jeans - F21, similar | boots - Betsy Johnson, similar | sunglasses - F21 | necklace F21 - similar 

Love this Fall transitional outfit! These embellished jeans were on sale at F21 last year and I have been waiting for Fall to bust them out. Obviously I didn't wait long. They paired perfectly with my wine colored piko....that brings up a topic that I think we need to discuss...

Pikos. Y'all have heard about them. May love them. May think they are unflattering and over them. May think that the sleeves are torture devices. I am here today to help you fall in love again with these super versatile tops. They are a girl's (especially curvier girls) best friend when she does it right....

Here are my two secrets to loving pikos:

1. Piko tunic all the way.
2. SHORT SLEEVED is the only way.

I probably own over 10 piko short sleeved tunics. I wear a large in them. I could probably size down to a medium, but MY CHEST. So I stick to large. I wear them at least once a week. I am 5'6 so between my chest and height, the regular tops are too short. I love the tunics because they can be worn with leggings as well. Short sleeved is the key. I have practically busted out of too many long sleeved ones and learned that the short sleeved are a million times better! They are not as tight on the arms and that is the most common complaint I hear from ladies. In the cooler months, I wear a cardigan anyway.

In my opinion, Pikos are the best layering pieces, especially for us curvier gals. Like I have mentioned before, I am not a fan of my midsection and I am not into wearing anything too tight there. So I wear pikos underneath overlays, cardigans, vests, etc. I wear them solo with big scarves or necklaces. They are so forgiving that anyone can wear them.. They are so soft and comfy.

The awesome thing is that they come in so many colors!! I have bought from many boutiques, but my usual go to place that always has them, and the most options, is Kiki La Rue. I have every color from dark green and burgundy to turquoise and hot pink. Go check them out, invest in one or two, and try them...again if you swore off them before. Let me know what you are a couple shots of outfits where I am wearing the short sleeved tunic...

Piko - Kiki LaRue | Cardigan - Impresions, similar | jeans - Old navy, similar | sunglasses - Amazon, similar |

Piko - Kiki LaRue | Cardigan - Riffraff, similar | leggings - similar | necklace - Kate Spade, similar | wedges - Gianni Bini - similar

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  1. you're adorable. loving the blog!

  2. Thank you for the info on the PIKOs, I had written off due to the arm situation. But will try the short sleeved ones now. Thanks Rachel!! You look FAB!

  3. do you do the piko tunic or regular?!?! love your style so so cute! and your kids ahhh I am praying I have a girl someday so I can steal Bree and Claire wardrobe ideas!!!

  4. I found out about pikos from seeing you in them last year! Love them- they are definitely some of the first items going into my luggage when I got to NYC next week!


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