Friday, August 29, 2014

Peek at my Shopping List...

Happy Friday strutters!!! Hope you had a great week!! Who is ready for a long weekend?!  Who wants to shop this weekend?! **me raising both hands and jumping up and down and yelling ME, ME**

Each Friday, I want to post a peek at my shopping list or what I have been seeing this week on the internets. Working full time, shopping online is about the only way I know about what is out there.  Well that and Instagram. Instagram is the holy grail of shopping these days, amirite??!

I have a few things on my list that I plan on buying this weekend (YAY! It will be September!!):
1. A new utility vest.  I have an army green one I bought last year and I wore the hell out of it.  Well since then, I have lost a few LBs and I need a smaller one.
2. Solid cardigans/overlays - duh!  I always need those!
3.  Cheap faux leather jackets at F21 before they sell out!
4.  Boyfriend style button down shirts - preferably light denim

So I threw these fabulous items, as I found them, in a widget for yall to see too!!!

First up - F21.  I am so thankful that F21 carries plus size clothes.  Because let's be honest - their regular clothes fit my 10 year old.  I love that I can find really decent priced, great pieces, that are fun and fashionable.  I found quite a few faux leather jackets that I love for great prices, a fabulous drapey, sleeveless overly, and a fantastic navy utility jacket!  Some of these are en route to mama!  See the links below...

Old Navy is another great source for plus size clothing! There I found my utility vest that I want to replace - this is a great buy y'all.  It is a vest so it is not that hot, but still feels very fall-ish. I will wear one probably once a week this fall and early winter - you will not be disappointed with it! I also found quite a few full utility jackets.  I love them because they cinch at the waist for a slimmer look.  They are perfect for cool evenings and look great dressed up or they make your dressed down look fabulous.  They have tons of great boyfriend button downs.  I confessed this on Instagram yesterday, but I usually buy my button downs in the men's section. They are longer and give met the boyfriend look I am going for. BUT these below look pretty great and I am going to order one and test it out.  There are a couple super cute things below that I had to include like that "Sunday Funday" shirt, the plaid shirts, and that super cute Varsity jacket! See all the links below...
Lastly, I have to talk booties! I love booties, like really love them. They don't hate me.  Tall boots? Those bitches hate me.  Sorry for the language, but I am pretty passionate about this. I am so tired of not being able to zip up tall boots. I have a few pairs that I will wear a ton that are wider calf, but they are just not comfortable anymore.  Booties don't discriminate.  They love all sizes of women :).  I have bought cheap booties and expensive ones and honestly, the better quality does last longer.  I want a new brown pair and a black pair. I want to be able to wear them with jeans and dresses. Here are a ton of options I bookmarked for myself - they are all under $100 and there are a couple cheap pairs mixed in there :).

Happy Shopping!! If you buy anything, let me know! I can't wait to see!!


  1. What size do you order at Forever 21? Their sizing scares me.

  2. I LOVE that you are sharing your shopping list with the links. I have looked at F21 trying to find things after seeing something really cute that you posted but never had any luck. I love your blog and love your style. Keep the inspiration coming as we go into my favorite season. Happy fall ❤️


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