Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Leopard Distraction

Tunic - Asos Curve, similar | Pants - Copper Peacock Boutique - similar | scarf - F21, similar

First - I cannot thank yall enough for all your support and kind words from Sunday's post!!! I prayed that I would get a response and that I would not sound crazy!! I knew I loved y'all :)...

Last week was a doozie. I have been a little MIA and I hate that. But that is another thing about Suburban Strut - as a working mother of three busy kids, this pretty little site will not always be consistent :). Bear with me friends :)

Anyways - like I said, last week was a busy one. All three kids started back to school...yes, all three. Bree went to school, PreK, for the first time. She also turned five last week. So...yeah...you guessed it, I got the full the worth of my overpriced waterproof mascara.

It's no surprise, with my love for clothes and fashion, that I use clothing as a distraction. I am not kidding when I say that I save and plan fun outfits for days that I know I am going to need them. A great outfit can make my day so much better and kind of distract me from "stuff". I try to plan my outfits for the week on Sundays. I don't always stick to my plans (because I am moody :) ), but the important days I always plan. I KNEW that I needed a fun outfit for when the kids go back to school (because per the usual and the last few years, I would be a hot mess!), so I put this one together.  I didn't want my own personal issues to get in the way of such a big day for my kiddos.  Not worth it!  Worrying so much about your outfit can seem silly - but if it makes your day better which in turn makes your family's day better...starts sounding not so silly, right?!

These leopard pants are some of my all time faves. I have managed to wear them for three seasons since I bought them last winter. They are super soft and COMFY, and not plus size, just large. I bought them from a friend and boutique owner and she does not have them in stock right now, but I linked some similar ones. Don't be afraid of the palazzo pants trend. I was at first and there are times when I am not feeling them, but every time I wear them, I feel great and get tons of compliments. Most of them are a loud print so you can tone it down with a solid or "quieter" shirt. Since they are so "big" try not to wear a blousy shirt. We are supposed to wear them with a slimmer silhouette. I am not a fan of the slimmer silhouette most of the time because mama does not have the tummy for a slimmer silhouette, so I try to wear a tunic that is not as wide. If you get a piko that fits you right (we are going to talk Pikos later, promise!), they look great too. If you are slimmer or are comfortable with your stomach, you should totally rock a fitted shirt. You will be amazed at how slimming this outfit will look then!

I also mixed some major patterns here.  If you are wanting to try that look - my best advice? Mix with leopard!  Leopard is a neutral and goes with almost everything.  Try mixing it with an aztec print like this or plaid - both super easy and super chic!

So this tunic is amazing!!!!!! Did yall know Asos has a Curve section?? Well now you do!! I have ordered countless items from them and I have not been disappointed yet. The great thing about them is that it is not a bunch of trash bag shirts (yall know what I am talking about!), it is actually fashionable clothing, just cut bigger.  I will warn you that the sizing can be all over the place so check the reviews or email me and I can tell you if I have something similar or what I think. It is from overseas so the shipping is a bit slow - I think there is an expedited option though. I will tell you that I have ordered many party dresses for big occasions from there and I love them! Sometimes they can get pricey, but everything has held up so far, so I say it is worth it! Let me know if you order something - I can't wait to hear what yall think!!!  Here are a few things I am lusting over this fall...

And I know y'all are looking for good jeans...look at all the options they have!!!

Happy Tuesday friends!! Tell someone they are beautiful today...even if it is yourself :)!

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  1. Rachel, I love this comment you made "I try to plan my outfits for the week on Sundays. I don't always stick to my plans (because I am moody :) ), " I totally can relate to this and thought I was the only one like this. Wooohooo! You have made my DAY!!! ~~Thank you~~

  2. I always keep a good outfit on hold for a stressful day. if I know I am comfortable and confident in what I have on it is one less thing to stress about. glad to know I am not alone! Thank you!

  3. i want that leopard tee! {heart eyes}


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