Friday, August 15, 2014

Give me Fall!

Cream tunic - Impressions | Distressed Jeans - F21+ - similar | scarf - similar | necklace - Bauble Bar | shoes - Dillard's, Gianni Bini  - similar

Oh geez. Made my buds take pics of me in a deserted subdivision. Have I mentioned that the pics are not my favorite part of this?!? Bless y'all for loving me through it. 

This curvy tunic from Impressions is amazing. Like I want to wear it everyday and have it in every color. It's long, soft, and comfy. That's money! Call and get you one! 

If you have been following my IG, you know I am so ready for Fall. Like as soon as we left the beach house last week, I was all "I am going to buy pumpkin candles when I get home!"  Then when we got back home to AR and it's not even that hot- I even got a little chilly at Owen's football practice last night! Now I know that it will probably be 100 degrees next week, but I am over it. Ready to transition to Fall. My favorite way too do that, besides lighting pumpkin candles, is with my outfits. 

Since I have had three kids and I am a woman over 30, I sweat when it's over 50 degrees (can I get an AMEN?!). So wearing sweaters and boots right now is out of the question. So my trick is warmer colors. Not warmer clothes. Like this outfit above - it could totally be a summer or spring outfit, but with the chocolate scarf, it screams Fall. It's that easy- start wearing your favorite colors of Fall, not necessarily your Fall clothes. Start looking for fall colored scarves (lightweight), jewelry, etc. I have had this brown scarf for years and will never part with it. I have had it so long that I bought it after seeing a cute Lindsey Lohan wearing one similar in a style magazine. Lord knows that is a long time because sister has not been a "fashion icon" for years!! I digress. Back to wearing warmer colors. You can add these colors to the brightest of colors and your outfit will look more Fall-like. Browns, Camel, Dark Reds, Golds, Navy, and Dark greens are my favorites. If I had on a bright pink shirt with this brown scarf, it would look just as great and I would get to wear  my summer shirt longer. I am shopping for short  sleeved  tops right now that are these colors as well. That's like winning the jackpot! Fall is a short season and my favorite - I am going to squeeze every last drop of apple cider I can out of it. 

Over the next few weeks I will be posting what I am wearing to transition right along so stay tuned for more. This will be fun! 

One more thing- if you are still rocking your brights summer outfits and feel hot doing it - Rock on sister! No one is telling on you here :) 

Happy almost Fall y'all! 


  1. I'm so glad you are doing this. I LOVE your pictures, you always looks so put together and beautiful! Thank you for helping those of us that are fashion challenged

  2. You are so beautiful and I love the pics also ! Momma your rocking! I love fall it's my fav - I've caught myself 100 times this week grab for a scarf or fall ish color - I'm
    Forcing myself to wear all things I consider summer for a few more weeks lol I can't wait for all the transition posts - I def need help in that department ! And the correct way to mix brown and black - and u post on that?

  3. LOVE the selfie of the selfie!

  4. Hi! Love your blog! Quick question. Is your Delightful the pm or mm size. Thanks!


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