Saturday, August 9, 2014

Everyday Staples

Sleeveless Overlay c/o Savoir Faire - similars | Black vneck here | Black shorts - old, similar | Shoes - Birkenstocks | Necklace, Kate Spade, similar | Sunglasses here | Watch here | Boss Lady Clutch - Savoir Faire

Another great overlay from one of my favorite Fayetteville boutiques, Savoir Faire!  I love the extra cut/seams at the waist and the peach accent in the floral design.  This will definitely be on repeat for awhile!! And how awesome is that Boss Lady clutch?!?!?

I wore this outfit running errands the day before we left for the beach.  So we are running around like crazy, I have two of my kids (Owen was with Shane) and it was kind of a chaotic day. BUT you know what, I still looked and felt great.  That is the thing.  You don't have to look homeless just because you are busy or with your kids.  Homeless was harsh I know.  But y'all know we have all been there.  Holey yoga pants and your husbands old tshirt is not exactly our best look.  I think that is one of the mistakes we make as mamas.  We say "I am just going to run a few errands, barely get out of the car, no one will see me!" And then guess what, you damn well will see everyone you know. First of all - let me preface, it does not matter. You can rock the yoga pants and old tshirt just like this outfit. If you want to do that and could care less, I love you more!  But you know what, I swear you will feel better if you wear something like this instead.  Stupid clothes are not a reason to ruin your day.  I swear it will help to take the extra 15-30 mins to pick out a comfy outfit that looks nice and then you will feel proud to see that nasty girl from high school that always seems to look perfect (seriously though????).  If you have comfy, effortless outfits like this in your closet, you can look hot with yesterdays hair and make up, pinky swear.  6 things to invest in to always be "ready":

1. Comfy vnecks - Plus size ones at F21 and the vintage vnecks at old navy are awesome!! All less than 10 bucks a piece. These are the most versatile pieces you can own. I LOVE me a good vneck!!!
2.  If it was in the middle of the summer, I would say some good shorts - but since we are going into Fall - some easy boyfriend jeans. If not those - some NOT TOO TIGHT AROUND THE WAIST jeans that are comfy - get even better the more you wear them.  Every woman should own a pair of jeans that can always count matter what time of the month it is and can be casual or dressed down. I personally like the new distressed jeans trend, but they are not always appropriate for me.  My favorites are from F21.
3. Big sunnies - buy you a couple pairs of cheap ones and you will be happy you did.  They can cover up the lack of make up or yesterday's :)
4. Your favorite lipgloss - Get a lipgloss that has some great neutral color and shine.  No make up face + a good lipgloss looks great - promise.
5. Overlays - I said this in one of my last posts. You know my undying love for them.  Get some neutral overlays that you can switch out with different colors of shirts.  Once it gets cooler, you will be happy you did. If you buy one - get a black one (designed like the one I am wearing, or a solid) or camel / tan.
6. Comfy, easy shoes - Whether it is a pair of Toms, Birkenstocks (fake or real, who cares??), flip flops or converse - get you some FLAT, COMFY shoes that you can throw on and are fashionable.  Shoes can ruin your day. Can I get an AMEN??  Invest in this.  You will thank me.

What do you think? What else are your staples?

Specific to mamas: Here is the deal: You probably are already taking the time to make your kids look good- don't you think you deserve a little time too?  It is not a crime for moms to take some me time too.  Everyone will have a better day if mama is happy - right?

Have a great day ladies!! Leave me a comment with your thoughts! I love to read them!!!


  1. Amen momma ! Love this and ur so right I feel a lot better when I'm not looking like I rolled outta bed or still sweaty from the gym - I live in work out clothes :-( gotta step up my game this fall :) thanks for posting xoxo

  2. Yes to all of this but especially the comfy shoes!! I bought a pair of Birkenstocks at the beginning of summer and rock them with everything! My feet, back, and legs thank me daily.


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