Friday, August 29, 2014

Peek at my Shopping List...

Happy Friday strutters!!! Hope you had a great week!! Who is ready for a long weekend?!  Who wants to shop this weekend?! **me raising both hands and jumping up and down and yelling ME, ME**

Each Friday, I want to post a peek at my shopping list or what I have been seeing this week on the internets. Working full time, shopping online is about the only way I know about what is out there.  Well that and Instagram. Instagram is the holy grail of shopping these days, amirite??!

I have a few things on my list that I plan on buying this weekend (YAY! It will be September!!):
1. A new utility vest.  I have an army green one I bought last year and I wore the hell out of it.  Well since then, I have lost a few LBs and I need a smaller one.
2. Solid cardigans/overlays - duh!  I always need those!
3.  Cheap faux leather jackets at F21 before they sell out!
4.  Boyfriend style button down shirts - preferably light denim

So I threw these fabulous items, as I found them, in a widget for yall to see too!!!

First up - F21.  I am so thankful that F21 carries plus size clothes.  Because let's be honest - their regular clothes fit my 10 year old.  I love that I can find really decent priced, great pieces, that are fun and fashionable.  I found quite a few faux leather jackets that I love for great prices, a fabulous drapey, sleeveless overly, and a fantastic navy utility jacket!  Some of these are en route to mama!  See the links below...

Old Navy is another great source for plus size clothing! There I found my utility vest that I want to replace - this is a great buy y'all.  It is a vest so it is not that hot, but still feels very fall-ish. I will wear one probably once a week this fall and early winter - you will not be disappointed with it! I also found quite a few full utility jackets.  I love them because they cinch at the waist for a slimmer look.  They are perfect for cool evenings and look great dressed up or they make your dressed down look fabulous.  They have tons of great boyfriend button downs.  I confessed this on Instagram yesterday, but I usually buy my button downs in the men's section. They are longer and give met the boyfriend look I am going for. BUT these below look pretty great and I am going to order one and test it out.  There are a couple super cute things below that I had to include like that "Sunday Funday" shirt, the plaid shirts, and that super cute Varsity jacket! See all the links below...
Lastly, I have to talk booties! I love booties, like really love them. They don't hate me.  Tall boots? Those bitches hate me.  Sorry for the language, but I am pretty passionate about this. I am so tired of not being able to zip up tall boots. I have a few pairs that I will wear a ton that are wider calf, but they are just not comfortable anymore.  Booties don't discriminate.  They love all sizes of women :).  I have bought cheap booties and expensive ones and honestly, the better quality does last longer.  I want a new brown pair and a black pair. I want to be able to wear them with jeans and dresses. Here are a ton of options I bookmarked for myself - they are all under $100 and there are a couple cheap pairs mixed in there :).

Happy Shopping!! If you buy anything, let me know! I can't wait to see!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My #1 the Moment

Hey buds!! Today we are talking about my favorite dress right now. If you followed me back right before I started this up again, you may remember the fabulous dress I wore in Vegas with Claire when we went to see KA...

Well - I wore this and immediately ordered a couple more colors when I got home!! This is the "Scuba Knit dress" from F21+. It is $15.80. Seriously!!! It is a stretchy, thicker, polyester-ish fabric that is cool enough to wear right now and thick enough to be worn with tights this winter!! It is not too short and insanely comfortable!!! I love that is so simple - you can dress it up with a belt, sparkly jewels, and heels - or a cardi, scarf and boots. It is so versatile!!! I wore it this past weekend with booties and a sheer overlay for Tara's birthday!! I have it in red as well that I know will see lots of wear this Christmas. I just had to share this dress as it is so easy to wear, cheap, and flattering - ummmm hello!!!!!

And because I know y'all love some leopard booties...

So, here are links to the dress online. They have four colors in stock right now of this exact dress, but there are a couple others that are almost the same dress, just a texture change, or not sleeveless. Sometimes this style is called a "Skater Dress", odd I know :).  Keep checking online daily- as they restock this dress often!!! If you get one, let me know, and tag me when you wear it!! I can't wait to see how y'all style them!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Piko - Kiki LaRue | jeans - F21, similar | boots - Betsy Johnson, similar | sunglasses - F21 | necklace F21 - similar 

Love this Fall transitional outfit! These embellished jeans were on sale at F21 last year and I have been waiting for Fall to bust them out. Obviously I didn't wait long. They paired perfectly with my wine colored piko....that brings up a topic that I think we need to discuss...

Pikos. Y'all have heard about them. May love them. May think they are unflattering and over them. May think that the sleeves are torture devices. I am here today to help you fall in love again with these super versatile tops. They are a girl's (especially curvier girls) best friend when she does it right....

Here are my two secrets to loving pikos:

1. Piko tunic all the way.
2. SHORT SLEEVED is the only way.

I probably own over 10 piko short sleeved tunics. I wear a large in them. I could probably size down to a medium, but MY CHEST. So I stick to large. I wear them at least once a week. I am 5'6 so between my chest and height, the regular tops are too short. I love the tunics because they can be worn with leggings as well. Short sleeved is the key. I have practically busted out of too many long sleeved ones and learned that the short sleeved are a million times better! They are not as tight on the arms and that is the most common complaint I hear from ladies. In the cooler months, I wear a cardigan anyway.

In my opinion, Pikos are the best layering pieces, especially for us curvier gals. Like I have mentioned before, I am not a fan of my midsection and I am not into wearing anything too tight there. So I wear pikos underneath overlays, cardigans, vests, etc. I wear them solo with big scarves or necklaces. They are so forgiving that anyone can wear them.. They are so soft and comfy.

The awesome thing is that they come in so many colors!! I have bought from many boutiques, but my usual go to place that always has them, and the most options, is Kiki La Rue. I have every color from dark green and burgundy to turquoise and hot pink. Go check them out, invest in one or two, and try them...again if you swore off them before. Let me know what you are a couple shots of outfits where I am wearing the short sleeved tunic...

Piko - Kiki LaRue | Cardigan - Impresions, similar | jeans - Old navy, similar | sunglasses - Amazon, similar |

Piko - Kiki LaRue | Cardigan - Riffraff, similar | leggings - similar | necklace - Kate Spade, similar | wedges - Gianni Bini - similar

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Leopard Distraction

Tunic - Asos Curve, similar | Pants - Copper Peacock Boutique - similar | scarf - F21, similar

First - I cannot thank yall enough for all your support and kind words from Sunday's post!!! I prayed that I would get a response and that I would not sound crazy!! I knew I loved y'all :)...

Last week was a doozie. I have been a little MIA and I hate that. But that is another thing about Suburban Strut - as a working mother of three busy kids, this pretty little site will not always be consistent :). Bear with me friends :)

Anyways - like I said, last week was a busy one. All three kids started back to school...yes, all three. Bree went to school, PreK, for the first time. She also turned five last week. guessed it, I got the full the worth of my overpriced waterproof mascara.

It's no surprise, with my love for clothes and fashion, that I use clothing as a distraction. I am not kidding when I say that I save and plan fun outfits for days that I know I am going to need them. A great outfit can make my day so much better and kind of distract me from "stuff". I try to plan my outfits for the week on Sundays. I don't always stick to my plans (because I am moody :) ), but the important days I always plan. I KNEW that I needed a fun outfit for when the kids go back to school (because per the usual and the last few years, I would be a hot mess!), so I put this one together.  I didn't want my own personal issues to get in the way of such a big day for my kiddos.  Not worth it!  Worrying so much about your outfit can seem silly - but if it makes your day better which in turn makes your family's day better...starts sounding not so silly, right?!

These leopard pants are some of my all time faves. I have managed to wear them for three seasons since I bought them last winter. They are super soft and COMFY, and not plus size, just large. I bought them from a friend and boutique owner and she does not have them in stock right now, but I linked some similar ones. Don't be afraid of the palazzo pants trend. I was at first and there are times when I am not feeling them, but every time I wear them, I feel great and get tons of compliments. Most of them are a loud print so you can tone it down with a solid or "quieter" shirt. Since they are so "big" try not to wear a blousy shirt. We are supposed to wear them with a slimmer silhouette. I am not a fan of the slimmer silhouette most of the time because mama does not have the tummy for a slimmer silhouette, so I try to wear a tunic that is not as wide. If you get a piko that fits you right (we are going to talk Pikos later, promise!), they look great too. If you are slimmer or are comfortable with your stomach, you should totally rock a fitted shirt. You will be amazed at how slimming this outfit will look then!

I also mixed some major patterns here.  If you are wanting to try that look - my best advice? Mix with leopard!  Leopard is a neutral and goes with almost everything.  Try mixing it with an aztec print like this or plaid - both super easy and super chic!

So this tunic is amazing!!!!!! Did yall know Asos has a Curve section?? Well now you do!! I have ordered countless items from them and I have not been disappointed yet. The great thing about them is that it is not a bunch of trash bag shirts (yall know what I am talking about!), it is actually fashionable clothing, just cut bigger.  I will warn you that the sizing can be all over the place so check the reviews or email me and I can tell you if I have something similar or what I think. It is from overseas so the shipping is a bit slow - I think there is an expedited option though. I will tell you that I have ordered many party dresses for big occasions from there and I love them! Sometimes they can get pricey, but everything has held up so far, so I say it is worth it! Let me know if you order something - I can't wait to hear what yall think!!!  Here are a few things I am lusting over this fall...

And I know y'all are looking for good jeans...look at all the options they have!!!

Happy Tuesday friends!! Tell someone they are beautiful today...even if it is yourself :)!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Suburban Strut. Many of you were followers a couple years ago when I blogged here. Many of you are brand new. I want to take a moment today and get a little vulnerable. I have a big conviction lately to tell y'all what this is all about and why I do it. Tell y'all why this is so important to me. Tell y'all what this blog will be and what it won't be. Also tell you that there are not enough negatives in this world to ever let me walk away from this. I want y'all to understand how you have been enlisted and are on this path with me.

Years ago, I used to blog at Footballs and Crowns...Life with the Browns, our family blog. I LOVED that blog and miss it everyday. I love going back and reading it and wish that I kept up with it like I did then. I think I will again one day, but there are just not enough hours in the day :). Though, I blogged about my kids and family 90% of the time, I constantly received comments from many of you beauties about our clothes, my hair, the house, etc. I would blog time to time about that, but one day, I had the same exact same feeling I have today and put it out there. I blogged a blog: "Do These Earrings Make Me Look Fat?" and it started like this:

"Hi, my name is Rachel Lynn Brown and I am a size 14 and happy. Not lying. Not in denial. I am happy with myself and feel blessed with this curvier body The Lord gave me. Wish I would lose some lbs? You betcha! Does my life revolve around that fact? Absolutely not! How did I get to this point of peace in side me?...let's talk!"

When I wrote that on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011, I almost threw up. It was by far, the hardest thing I have ever written. I totally put myself out there. My blog was read by family and friends (including facebook! AHHH!) and I went on record with very personal information. It took me 15 minutes to hit the post button once it was ready. I hit post and left my office for lunch. I called Shane bawling my eyes out and told him I had no idea what I just did. He was very reassuring - telling me there was a reason I was so convicted to write that specific post and he just knew it would be positive. I did not believe him and just prayed and prayed.

By the time I got back from lunch, my comments were blowing up, Facebook and direct messages were out of control, tweets were flying, and my email was full... all from many of y'all telling me you were in tears and thanking me over and over again for that post. I, once again, was in tears. I could not believe this. I never in a million years would have expected such a response. Women that I had no idea read the blog, were commenting and sending me emails. I was literally in shock. Right then and there, The Lord showed me what I had been praying years for, my "thing" or my "way" to further show His glory and His faith to others. A year later, after lots of praying, me being afraid, encouragement from others, and the support from my husband, Suburban Strut was born.

I launched the first Suburban Strut in 2012. I had an easier job and the kids were not nearly as busy as they are now. It was so much fun. But long story short, I changed jobs, the kids got insane busy and it became a chore. I loved posting and I loved helping y'all style yourselves, but it was like another job. After trying to make it work for a year, I took the site down. It was so hard. I knew it was something I was supposed to be doing, but honestly I pushed that to the back of my mind and validated it with just how busy our lives were. Satan was also working on me, telling me that I was just a nobody. Fashion bloggers were taking off then and I was NOTHING like them. Everything I stood for, went down the drain in my own life and I gave it up. All this confidence I shouted to y'all - needed to be turned around on me.

So fast forward to now. I have gained weight - I am not that 14 I posted about then. I am in a much busier job, I even manage people. My kids are older and have the most insane calendars. Shane and I are constantly running from one practice or event to another. We are living the life we knew we would, and honestly love it.

I now wear plus size clothing and I see how hard it is to find fabulous pieces. I also see and read so many posts and pictures of women that just need a big hug and told how beautiful they are. I see how many women compare themselves to others and feel bad about themselves. I would still get emails and comments asking for help or about my outfit, etc. I would always try to help, but I swear something held me back because I didn't want to go back down this road. Why? Because I was afraid. Now, fashion bloggers are a dime a dozen. There are sites dedicated to "hating" on blogs. I am a plus size mom that loves clothes. That's it. What the hell can I bring to the table?? I would get so mad at myself though because that is so not Rachel. I am confident in myself, but I was letting this blog hold me back.

I started praying hard about this. Everywhere I turned was sign that I needed to do this. But, The Lord was telling me, things are bad. If you do this, commit and do it right. It's time to get a hold of this spiraling out of control group called women. It's time to be an example and help others be one too. If I can just inspire a few women that help change things for my girls - that is enough for me.

So I decided after discussing with my family, getting some help with it this time (shout out to my "assistant" Alisha! Hey girl hey!!) - Suburban Strut is back. And with a freaking vengeance. Nothing. I mean nothing will hold me back this time.

You see, I never did quit thinking about Suburban Strut. I am raising two girls and I see the effects of mean girls. I have a very popular fashion blogger sister and I see the effects of mean GROWN women. I knew this time, SS needed to be bigger. I am on a mission to change "women". I want to inspire women to feel just as beautiful as they were made, and to let it be shouted from their mouths. I want women to be inspired to change the course and raise nice girls that are confident in themselves. I want women to smile and to laugh and to love more. No more hating ourselves because we are not the same size we were in high school or before we had kids. No more being afraid to wear something because we not small enough. No more staying at home and being miserable because we have nothing to wear or feel inadequate. No more comparing ourselves to others. No more cropping ourselves out of the few pictures we are in. No more missing out on our kids' lives because we don't like how we look. No more negativity. I want you to feel fabulous. The Lord wants you to feel fabulous. That is how He created you. This path you are on of negativity, is just that a path. Time to take a new course and change yourself.

Here is the deal, and this is what I remind myself of everyday...You are who you are. You can lose weight, you can take the time to treat yourself to a few new pieces of clothing or actually get your hair done. But today. You are you. If you keep on saying "I will be so much happier if I do this or this" - guess what? You won't. You will find something then to hate. So stop the hate. Learn to love yourself now. Take care of yourself now. Be happier NOW. You have today. Don't waste it. Don't waste another minute not enjoying your life, your significant other, your kids, your friends, your pets, etc. Scared of taking pics of yourself? Guess what? You can't hide. You are seen everyday and that is you. Love yourself. Get dressed and take a pic with your friends, husband or kids. Do you want to look back on any part of your life and think "Was I even there?". I know I don't.

You know what the best part is? When you, strong woman of your home, stop the negativity and start loving yourself and LIFE, your entire home will be warm. Your husband will be happier, so much happier! Your kids are going to be so much happier and will tell you just how beautiful you are. You will also be an inspiration to other women and girls. You will be inspired to inspire others because The Lord will help you. He wants us to glow and smile. He wants us to inspire others to see what He did in us. The minute we turn this train of negativity around - your light will shine and others will not be able to help but look at this hot mama "strutting" through life.

So what is it going to take to start this revolution of happiness and confidence? It's going to take prayer. It's going to take all of us opening ourselves up to having confidence JUST AS WE ARE NOW!! So if that means we have to take clothes seriously? I am up for it!! Now, I use the word "seriously" very lightly. But we all know the right clothing can change our day. A kick ass outfit can take us to blah to strutting like a boss immediately. I may not be the typical fashion blogger and feel self conscious in my pics, but I will always be me - just trying to inspire yall.

Love yourself now. No one is as beautiful as you. You own that beauty. You own that body. Sure it may not be what you want it to be, but it is what you have right now. Embrace it. Love it. Find that light that is dimmed right now and let it shine. Nothing more beautiful than a glowing, confident woman, no matter what size.

Let's start this revolution together! I know I am just a working mom in Arkansas that loves to shop, spends too much money, cusses too much, has wild children, and loves to write - but I know The Lord can create anything from nothing. We just have pray and believe. So come on pretty friends, who is with me?

And PS - it is still hard to hit post when I pour my heart out :).

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Give me Fall!

Cream tunic - Impressions | Distressed Jeans - F21+ - similar | scarf - similar | necklace - Bauble Bar | shoes - Dillard's, Gianni Bini  - similar

Oh geez. Made my buds take pics of me in a deserted subdivision. Have I mentioned that the pics are not my favorite part of this?!? Bless y'all for loving me through it. 

This curvy tunic from Impressions is amazing. Like I want to wear it everyday and have it in every color. It's long, soft, and comfy. That's money! Call and get you one! 

If you have been following my IG, you know I am so ready for Fall. Like as soon as we left the beach house last week, I was all "I am going to buy pumpkin candles when I get home!"  Then when we got back home to AR and it's not even that hot- I even got a little chilly at Owen's football practice last night! Now I know that it will probably be 100 degrees next week, but I am over it. Ready to transition to Fall. My favorite way too do that, besides lighting pumpkin candles, is with my outfits. 

Since I have had three kids and I am a woman over 30, I sweat when it's over 50 degrees (can I get an AMEN?!). So wearing sweaters and boots right now is out of the question. So my trick is warmer colors. Not warmer clothes. Like this outfit above - it could totally be a summer or spring outfit, but with the chocolate scarf, it screams Fall. It's that easy- start wearing your favorite colors of Fall, not necessarily your Fall clothes. Start looking for fall colored scarves (lightweight), jewelry, etc. I have had this brown scarf for years and will never part with it. I have had it so long that I bought it after seeing a cute Lindsey Lohan wearing one similar in a style magazine. Lord knows that is a long time because sister has not been a "fashion icon" for years!! I digress. Back to wearing warmer colors. You can add these colors to the brightest of colors and your outfit will look more Fall-like. Browns, Camel, Dark Reds, Golds, Navy, and Dark greens are my favorites. If I had on a bright pink shirt with this brown scarf, it would look just as great and I would get to wear  my summer shirt longer. I am shopping for short  sleeved  tops right now that are these colors as well. That's like winning the jackpot! Fall is a short season and my favorite - I am going to squeeze every last drop of apple cider I can out of it. 

Over the next few weeks I will be posting what I am wearing to transition right along so stay tuned for more. This will be fun! 

One more thing- if you are still rocking your brights summer outfits and feel hot doing it - Rock on sister! No one is telling on you here :) 

Happy almost Fall y'all! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Black Dress...Beach to Fall

Dress - Impressions | Necklace - similar | hat - F21 | Birkenstocks

Back today with another fantastic curvy piece from Impressions!!  Obviously I enjoyed myself in this dress.  Mom took a few that were supposed to be out-takes and in true Rachel fashion, they are my favorites and made it to the blog :).  You have to laugh at your self and when you are quote, unquote, modeling clothes, whilst your husband and children are looking on as if you have snakes growing out of your have fun with it :).

I LOVE this dress.  It was so comfy, cool, and so easy to wear!! I added the hat and bright necklace for fun since we were at the beach - but I can totally see this dress with skinnies and booties this Fall or with flats and a denim jacket. This dress had a "mexican dress" feel to it that made me want to dance.  Any piece of clothing that encourages that, needs to be mine :).  I will be wearing this soon and will post on IG with a more Fall-ish feel. Don't put up all your summer dresses yet.  Layer them up all Fall long with cardis and jackets - with boots and flats or converse.  Stick around here and I will show you what I am talking about!

Don't forget to enter the $100 gift card giveaway from Impressions!! You can enter on the last blog post and on IG per my account @suburbanstrut.  We will be drawing a winner Friday!!!!  If you want this dress or any other curvy pieces, call up Impressions, tell them Suburban Strut sent you, beg them to put them online :), and they will help you buy your gorgeous pieces!!!

(Monday-Friday 9am-6pm CST)

Let me know what you think!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

New Curvy Finds and GIVEAWAY!

I absolutely fell in love with this curvy dress from Impressions!  My non curvy sisters and friends are totally jealous of this curvy find!! Truth - I was worried it was a bit short and wore a nude long cami underneath and felt better (and it probably helped I had a marg...or two - no judgies, you try and take pictures of just you alone and tell me you don't need a cocktail :) ).  I wore it out for dinner with the family and felt so pretty. I even matched my babies :)...

 I love it even more because I can't wait to wear it this Fall with jeans and boots or booties.  It is neon, but it will work this Fall, promise.  Especially early Fall when the temps are still high with those sheer lace sleeves. Don't be scared of neons in non summer months - I just tone it down a bit with accessories and boots.  I will wear it with a Fall colored necklace and voila! Completely different look! Wait and see, I will wear it soon :).

Back when we started talking about Suburban Strut again, my sister Tara told me I need to go look at Impressions in Fayetteville - and told me they are carrying a Curvy line now. I about peed my pants!  First - a fabulous boutique down the road is carrying curvy items AND how did I not know about them???? I pride myself on knowing about every size XL in the nation :).

  I talked to the pretty girls there and sure enough, they do carry these items, they are just not on the site YET.  I immediately went and checked out the new clothing there...and I began sweating in anticipation of trying EVERYTHING on!!!  Impressions hooked me up with some fabulous pieces and they want me to scream from the blog that they are now carrying clothes for us curvier gals - not just any kind of clothes, Boutique clothes that y'all will love!!! And the prices will not completely scare you, promise!!!  And there I go again - losing my mind with exclamation marks - but seriously y'all - you are going to love these clothes.  Everything I tried on I fell in love with and had to stop myself from getting it all.  

So here is the deal - these items are not online yet, but will be soon.  I have some pieces I will posting this week so you can see some of them and you can call the store, tell them Suburban Strut sent you, and order right then (phone number 479/301-2292, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm or Oh and be like me, and beg them to get these pieces on the site :).

 They have fabulous regular sized items too that I buy as well: great cardis and overlays, boots and shoes, and gorgeous jewelry and accessories.  Go check out the website!!  They just posted a gorgeous Fall Lookbook this week and a couple weeks ago they posted an adorable Gameday lookbook!

So here is the EVEN BETTER news - Impressions wants one of you to win $100 gift card to shop there! That's right - ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!?!  To enter  here you just need to comment with your email address and what you want to buy with the gift card!  There will be a post on my instagram, @suburbanstrut, shortly with a few extra ways to enter!  Winner will be chosen on Friday, August 15th!!

Good luck!!!  Love y'all!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Everyday Staples

Sleeveless Overlay c/o Savoir Faire - similars | Black vneck here | Black shorts - old, similar | Shoes - Birkenstocks | Necklace, Kate Spade, similar | Sunglasses here | Watch here | Boss Lady Clutch - Savoir Faire

Another great overlay from one of my favorite Fayetteville boutiques, Savoir Faire!  I love the extra cut/seams at the waist and the peach accent in the floral design.  This will definitely be on repeat for awhile!! And how awesome is that Boss Lady clutch?!?!?

I wore this outfit running errands the day before we left for the beach.  So we are running around like crazy, I have two of my kids (Owen was with Shane) and it was kind of a chaotic day. BUT you know what, I still looked and felt great.  That is the thing.  You don't have to look homeless just because you are busy or with your kids.  Homeless was harsh I know.  But y'all know we have all been there.  Holey yoga pants and your husbands old tshirt is not exactly our best look.  I think that is one of the mistakes we make as mamas.  We say "I am just going to run a few errands, barely get out of the car, no one will see me!" And then guess what, you damn well will see everyone you know. First of all - let me preface, it does not matter. You can rock the yoga pants and old tshirt just like this outfit. If you want to do that and could care less, I love you more!  But you know what, I swear you will feel better if you wear something like this instead.  Stupid clothes are not a reason to ruin your day.  I swear it will help to take the extra 15-30 mins to pick out a comfy outfit that looks nice and then you will feel proud to see that nasty girl from high school that always seems to look perfect (seriously though????).  If you have comfy, effortless outfits like this in your closet, you can look hot with yesterdays hair and make up, pinky swear.  6 things to invest in to always be "ready":

1. Comfy vnecks - Plus size ones at F21 and the vintage vnecks at old navy are awesome!! All less than 10 bucks a piece. These are the most versatile pieces you can own. I LOVE me a good vneck!!!
2.  If it was in the middle of the summer, I would say some good shorts - but since we are going into Fall - some easy boyfriend jeans. If not those - some NOT TOO TIGHT AROUND THE WAIST jeans that are comfy - get even better the more you wear them.  Every woman should own a pair of jeans that can always count matter what time of the month it is and can be casual or dressed down. I personally like the new distressed jeans trend, but they are not always appropriate for me.  My favorites are from F21.
3. Big sunnies - buy you a couple pairs of cheap ones and you will be happy you did.  They can cover up the lack of make up or yesterday's :)
4. Your favorite lipgloss - Get a lipgloss that has some great neutral color and shine.  No make up face + a good lipgloss looks great - promise.
5. Overlays - I said this in one of my last posts. You know my undying love for them.  Get some neutral overlays that you can switch out with different colors of shirts.  Once it gets cooler, you will be happy you did. If you buy one - get a black one (designed like the one I am wearing, or a solid) or camel / tan.
6. Comfy, easy shoes - Whether it is a pair of Toms, Birkenstocks (fake or real, who cares??), flip flops or converse - get you some FLAT, COMFY shoes that you can throw on and are fashionable.  Shoes can ruin your day. Can I get an AMEN??  Invest in this.  You will thank me.

What do you think? What else are your staples?

Specific to mamas: Here is the deal: You probably are already taking the time to make your kids look good- don't you think you deserve a little time too?  It is not a crime for moms to take some me time too.  Everyone will have a better day if mama is happy - right?

Have a great day ladies!! Leave me a comment with your thoughts! I love to read them!!!
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