Thursday, July 31, 2014

Overlays Are Your Friend

"Chic in the Streets "Overlay Savoir Faire c/o I like these too! | Necklace Savoir Faire c/o similar | Piko Tunic here | shorts F21+, but older, similar here | shoes here and on sale :) | purse similar | watch here | lipstick "Risk It All" here

Hey y'all!! Welcome to my first official post on Suburban Strut!!!  I cannot even tell you how excited I am!!!  Enough with the excessive exclamation marks...let's get to business!!

I LOVE this outfit!!!  We are blessed here with a fabulous Fayetteville boutique, Savoir Faire.  SF has graciously become a new partner with Suburban Strut and you will see tons of beautiful clothing from there, here on the blog.  Not only do they offer beautiful clothing like the overlay above, they have fabulous accessories like the gorgeous gold necklace I am wearing and much much more! And the good part for you - they have a website too!!! If these items are out of stock right now, I linked other fun items and you need to keep checking for them to restock.

You know who should be your best friend? An overlay. Okay I am being dramatic.  But seriously though, the million dollar question right now: "What should I buy that will transition easily into Fall?" This is your answer.  When I was starting down the path of what I should post first on SS, I needed inspiration.  As soon as I walked into Savoir Faire and saw this overlay, it was like the angels started singing (like the nuns in Sister Act, duh ;) ) "Rachel, overlays are your bestie!!" !  Here are three reasons why:
  1. Overlays are like a cardigan, but much cooler, meaning NOT HOT.  We all know what we are going to do....The kids are going to start will kickoff...we will smell pumpkin....and we will immediately think "Holy cow, I have to be wearing my boots and jeans and all things colored pumpkin, now.  LIKE RIGHT NOW!".  The bad part about that and is that we will sweat our make up right off if we start wearing fall clothes when it is still over 80 degrees outside.  In walks the overlay into your life.  An overlay is a thin, sometimes sheer or somewhat sheer, flowy, bigger cardigan.  You can wear it like I did above or with jeans and boots.  They look good and will not make you sweat. You barely feel like you are wearing it!!  
  2. Overlays are....dare I say it, Glamorous!  You can have on a somewhat casual outfit: distressed jeans and a vneck, or a pair of leggings and a can throw on an overlay and it will immediately take your outfit from blah to va va va voooom!  I often say, they feel ethereal! I know that is dramatic, but seriously though, a piece of clothing that flows into the wind as you tell me you don't feel like a hundred bucks!!!  They can be long or short, solid or printed like this one.  They are often called "kimonos" as well.  I bet I own over 20 overlays and I probably wear them more than anything else in my closet just because they make me feel beautiful.  Don't get hung up on how big they are (the bulk around the waist area) - either get a smaller one or wear a fitted shirt underneath.  They are actually very flattering.
  3. No matter what size you are, you can wear it.  No matter how big you are, these will fit you.  And probably a large.  So those cute boutiques that you won't go to because you feel like nothing in there will fit you, if they are worth anything, they will have overlays.  Sister, you walk in there and look for you some and hold your head high.  (don't forget to look at jewelry too!).  You think I can wear most of what is in Savoir Faire? Not always.  But you know what? I will go in there every time because they always have the most beautiful overlays and I am not going to miss out!!  Be careful with plus size overlays - they are really big and sometimes too bulky.  Also, if you try on an overlay and you feel like it is too small because it does not close over your chest, don't worry.  When the heck are you going to close it anyway? And I doubt you will wear it without anything underneath :).
If you want some help choosing an overlay or need more encouragement, holler at your girl here and I will help ya out!!! Email me at

NOW - the lovely ladies at Savoir Faire want to help me celebrate the launch of Suburban Strut and they are offering a fabulous giveaway!! You can win a black and white floppy hat, fabulous pair of sunnies, and that gorgeous necklace!!! See the terms in the pic below!!! Picking a winner Sunday, August 10th!!!

Love y'all!!! Hang on pretty ladies - it's going to be a fabulous ride!!!!


  1. I love that your doing a blog. You are such an inspiration and I LOVE your style! Looking forward to following your blogging journey. Love the overlay!

  2. Congratulations on your blog launch Rachel! Can't wait to read and see all the beautiful clothes.

  3. You !!!! Are fab! So happy for you so happy ur following Gods lead and soooo excited ur back! Xoxo

  4. I am so glad that you're doing this! So so happy to follow along!

  5. Love that tunic! And the rolled tee, great style!


  6. Super happy that Suburban Strut is back! You are always inspiring!

  7. Love your posts and advice. Thanks for always sharing great stuff!


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