Monday, October 20, 2014

Cool Chevron

Today's #ssholidayglow comes from one of my most favorite boutiques, Impressions - their Curve line.  This Umgee Chevron tunic is so fun and easy to wear, I love the colors and design - especially love the cut outs in the arms - perfect for the not so cool Fall days - you know the 80 degree days and all you want is to wear boots and a scarf? Yeah you won't sweat to death in this (insert thumbs up emoji :) )  I am going to wear this top this week in California while I am there for work meetings with pleather black leggings instead of jeans.  This top could definitely be worn year round too. To give it a "fall flair" if you will, I added the burgundy necklace, booties, and bag,  I love how the aqua and burgundy look together. Don't be afraid to add Fall colors to your summer pieces - it works, I swear :),

If you want to order the top - you will have to call the store and tell them you want the chevron tunic Rachel/ Suburban Strut wore - ok?!

Like I said, I will be in California all week for work - so that means no kid pictures and I will be more focused on Suburban Strut Instagram instead of my distract me from missing my kids :). Feel free to follow along!!

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!!! xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Plaid is Always a Good Idea

Cardigan, Plaid Shirt - similar, and Jeans - Old Navy | Boots - DSW | Necklace - similar | Bag - Savoir Faire

I really love plaid and I pretty much buy every single one that will button over my ahem...girls.  This one from Old Navy Plus made my heart go pitter patter and I love it!!  It is roomy and fun colors. I think this would be a great outfit for anything this Fall that was casual and you wanted to look nice, but be comfortable. I laugh every time I write those words because I think I write it in every single post, whether it is a dress or jeans.  Because I don't wear things that are not comfortable. That is my first rule when trying on clothes - will I really wear this? Is it comfortable? I don't think you have to lack comfort to look nice.  Too many of us  gals shove ourselves in clothes just because of the size and in the end we just look, well, uncomfortable, no matter what we have on.  Everything I post here will be comfortable and easy to wear AND stylish. Promise.

Anyways - back to this outfit - it's a good one and anyone can wear it.  Also, it was super affordable, pretty much all from Old Navy!!  You can switch out any cardi and plaid top!

#ssholidayglow continues!!! Check out the hash on instagram for all my posts! Make sure and tag yourself too if you are feeling the glow!!!

 Love y'all!! xoxoxo

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Pants :)

Pants - Kiki La Rue c/o | Cream Piko Tunic - Kiki La Rue | Overlay Vest - F21 + | Necklace similar and similar | Bag - Tory Burch

Today - let's talk Thanksgiving outfits!!!  I appropriately titled this post - "Thanksgiving Pants".  When KLR sent me these - I immediately knew they would be perfect for Thanksgiving - not just because they are stretchy :), but because they were comfortable and looked fabulous!  We have two Thanksgivings and we literally go from one to the other.  It makes for a crazy day, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  So I always try to choose an outfit that I am going to feel good in all day and not look bad after the first few hours.  This outfit is perfect for that!  I also like to get a little dressed up for Thanksgiving and dress the kids up too.  We always take pics and they look so much better when I planned outfits.  

These pants are super soft and comfy.  They are so pretty in person and the perfect Fall shades.  You could even not tie up the piko and wear it longer if you feel more comfortable,  I would add a cardigan just because I like to layer :).  Also, they are long so you can wear heels or heeled boots just fine - some palazzo pants are not that way, so thumbs up from this tall girl!

I will post a few more Thanksgiving outfits later.  This would also look great for any dressier Fall event - or just a regular Fall day when you want to walk around like a boss... :)

Thanks for reading a little more #ssholidayglow! xoxoxo

Monday, October 13, 2014

Paisley and Pumpkins

 Tunic - Eshatki c/o | Jeans -Old Navy | Vest - Old Navy - here and here | Booties - Toms | Necklace - similar | Bag - Barrington Gifts

Another great look for #ssholidayglow!!!  I thought this was a great look for the pumpkin patch, a fun day running errands, or even a girls' night!  The fun colors on that flowy tunic under the vest was comfortable, but still put together. And I was not burning up WIN WIN! The top was a little too flowy for my liking (didn't want to look pregnant!!) - but adding the vest was the finishing touch. I cannot tell yall enough that you need a utility vest!!!!

This tunic was so much fun!! I received it from Eshatki and I was skeptical at first.  Eshatki will custom make pieces for you. You pick out the style, fabrics, colors, etc and then give your measurements.  They will send you a piece custom to you and I was shocked how much I loved it!!  The pom pom fringe? Icing on the cake. I will wear this year round too...check them out!

Hope you are being inspired by all the #ssholidayglow!! I am having so much fun!!!!

Love y'all and thanks for reading! xoxoxo

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Sundays

Dress - Logo & Stitch | Leggings - F21 + | Boots - DSW | Necklaces-  Baublebar and Brown | Hot mess hair - creds to the mist...grrrrrrr

Suburban Strut Glow tonight is a good Fall Sunday look!  I love getting us dressed up on Sundays - especially in the Fall,  I try to make sure I plan one specific Sunday every Fall that I coordinate the kids and take pics.  I posted these pics this morning of my crew (kids outfit deets included below)

Obviously I have a thing for cream and burgundy this year :).  This dress was so comfortable this morning and I received so many compliments!  It was very forgiving too and I feel like I could have sized down - always a plus in my book :), You could easily create this look with a flowy cream dress and any dark colored legging and boot. 

Let me tell you about these boots!!  They are from DSW. I was shocked when I walked in and found that they were carrying wide calf options in many of their regular boots!! I tried on many pairs, but these were my favorites because they actually had some room and I felt great in them.  I even bought the black ones as well :).  They are $100 bucks, but I think they are worth it with how much I will wear them.  Check them out and you will not be disappointed...

Good news: Logo and Stitch has their website up and there are many curvy items up! If you are still looking for something and it's not up yet - call them or email (check their insta for info!). I can tell these items are up!!!

Happy Shopping!!  Hope you are feeling the GLOW gorgeous ladies!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Dress Up

Dress - Logo and Stitch | Necklace - Cupcakes and Cheer | Boots - DSW

Tonight for #ssholidayglow, I am posting what I plan on wearing to my brother's Homecoming Assembly - he is on the court this year (insert super happy face emoji :) )!  Many of you asked for Fall Dressy outfits for events like weddings, assemblies, dinners, etc. This dress is PERFECT!!!  It comes in all sizes - this is an XL.  Curvy sizes are available. You will have to call to order -ask for the blue dress Rachel posted on Suburban Strut :).

My favorite kind of dress is a flowy one - if you have not already figured that out :). I like a dress that I can eat in, sit in, dance in, pick up a kid in, LIVE IN.  So when I saw this one, I knew it would be perfect for the Homecoming Assembly.  It is the same day as the kids' Fall Homecoming parties at school and I will need to be able to move quickly from class to class comforably, but we wanted to dress up for Jace. Of course being blue and gold did not hurt either :). I might add leggings, depending on the weather, probably chocolate brown ones.  I have seen this dress at other boutiques in different colors too - it is Umgee.

Happy Fall Dressing Up!!! xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rainy Day Prep!

Raincoat - Simply Be | Leggings - Old Navy | Hunter Rain Boots - Huntress Style 

LOVE this Simply Be raincoat and it is on sale right now!!!  It was a rainy day and I did not even want to get out of bed.  Cue the cute raincoat ouftit....

I am 33 almost 34 years old and I have learned quite a bit over the years (yes, still more to learn!).  One thing that I preach and have learned the hard way - BE PREPARED. Being prepared with pieces in your closet will prevent you from being so pissed off on certain mornings and ruining your day! 
 For example:
 Buy the cute raincoat you see on sale even though it is not raining THAT DAY.  Come on, you know you have done that.  Because guess what? Next time it is raining, you are going to be cussing yourself for not buying it!!  When it is raining and you are not wanting to dress up or wear something nice, if you have a nice raincoat - you can make an outfit out of that!  
This goes along with #ssholidayglow because it is Fall,  It is going to be yucky and sprinkling on the day you are supposed to go on the pumpkin patch field trip or the football game.  And if you are not prepared, you are going to be soaking wet and pissed.  This makes so much sense, yet so many of us don't even own a raincoat!! You can get monogrammed ones here, here, or here!  Here are couple other cute ones too!!!  Now get yourself one before it rains - you are welcome!!!

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